Top masturbation tips for men

It’s no secret that many men love to masturbate. Some shy away from it but at Love Matters, we say there’s no shame in a good thing.

Masturbation is a healthy and safe way to explore your body and discover what makes you feel good.

There are lots of ways for men and women to masturbate, get aroused and then orgasm.

Women usually do it by rubbing their clitoris and vagina with their fingers or sex toys. And men do it by rubbing their penis up and down. But you can try anything that turns you on, like touching your nipples or your anus.

You can also arouse yourself by fantasizing about sexual images or stories. You can fantasize about whatever you like – nothing is weird in a fantasy.

Top tips and techniques for men

You can make it more exciting by doing it while watching or listening to erotic videos, teasing your erogenous zones, lighting candles, putting on some feel-good music, etc.

When you masturbate, you hold the penis in your hand or between your fingers. Stroke your penis in up and down motions. Once you begin to feel aroused, try varying the speed and pressure. You can do this until you have an orgasm. When this happens, you ejaculate semen out of your penis.

9 ways to masturbate:

  1. Rubbing or stroking the head of your penis. Don’t forget to change your grip and speed of stroking to get different sensations
  2. Your balls need you too. Your testicles are as sensitive as your penis thus you should not neglect them.
  3. Switch up positions. If you have been masturbating in one position, it’s time to try new positions. If you’ve been doing it standing, try doing it while laying down or leaning on a wall.
  4. Long or short movements using your whole hand, or just two fingers.
  5. Use spit or lubricant to make your hand glide up and down more easily.
  6. Use of sex toys. It is widely believed that sex toys are meant for vaginas and vulvas but this is untrue. Penis owners can as well use sex toys. Today, there are many sex toys specifically designed for penises such as fleshlights and strokers. The toys give great sensations.
  7. Don’t forget anal play. Most straight men miss out on anal pleasure because they believe that it is a ‘gay act.’ It is not. The prostrate has so many nerve endings and is considered the male G-spot. In addition, remember to play with your perineum – the area between the anus and the penis. This area is blessed with many nerve endings and thus very sensitive. You can use your hand or prostrate massage toy such as anal beads.
  8. Erogenous zones: You can explore other erogenous zones such as ears, neck, nipples, lips, etc. You can achieve pleasure by rubbing, caressing, or squeezing.
  9. Play and pause tactic. This will help you prolong your solo time. The start and pause method is best for people who love prolonged sessions and an explosive end. BOOM! Take some moments to pause and slowly begin to masturbate again. Increase the speed and then pause again. Continue until you are ready to orgasm.

Got any other tips and techniques for self-masturbation?  Teach us your ways in the comments section.

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