Let’s talk about sex, baby.

And let’s talk about it for real, with words that we all understand, and without hiding what we want to talk about…otherwise, what’s the point anyway?

Love Matters is about providing information on sex and sexual health for young people in Kenya. We are honest, open, and positive. You can ask us absolutely anything. We won’t judge you, and we won’t share it.

We work with professionals and partners, sometimes, but mostly we are a team of youthful peers right here in fabulous Nairobi, to make sure you’re getting to live your best life – within the boundaries of what makes sense to you, wherever you are.

Sex is best when it’s safe. We see it as something wonderful to explore, share, and enjoy, how you see fit. We’re just here to guide you with the facts you need to make the right decisions for you.

So hit us up. Let’s Talk. 

Our head offices are located at:
RNW Media, Witte Kruislaan 55a, 1217AM Hilversum, The Netherlands

LoveMatters Africa

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