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Our Essential Cookies always originate from our website and are required for the site to function. If you block these cookies, essential functionality will break. These cookies expire as soon as you leave the website.

Third party Cookies

There are services on our platform that try to store third party cookies on your device. Your consent will be requested when you initiate these services, and will then be stored in a functional cookie. Below are the services that need your cookie consent to function.

Analytics Cookies

We use Statistics Cookies to measure the website performance and visitor usage. We need these in order to identify possible improvements, and to make sure the website can handle the volume of people visiting it.  The data is gathered by Google Analytics but this is done in such a way that Google has no access to it. These cookies are stored on your computer for 26 months since your last visit, unless you delete them yourself first.


We allow ourselves, you and other users of our platform to embed tweets. As long as you do not click on them, no cookies are set. When you do, Twitter tries to store one or more cookies on your device.


We allow ourselves, you and other users of our platform to embed YouTube videos. As long as you do not click to play the video, no cookies are set. When you do, YouTube tries to store one or more cookies on your device.

Like buttons

All of our ‘Like-buttons’ are cookie free as long as you don’t click on them. When you like a page, post or other content offered by our platform, that third party will try to store one or more cookies on your device.

We assume you are familiar with the third parties that belong to the icons shown. You might first want to hover over the icons to see the specific third party it concerns.

Our contact details

Questions about this cookie statement or about our services may be directed to [email protected].

By post we can be reached as follows:

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We can be reached by telephone on the number: +31 (0) 35 – 672 42 11. If you wish to make use of one or more of your rights, you can contact us via all these means.

Cookie Notice date: January 15, 2019

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