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5 disturbing myths about dry sex

Have you heard of or tried dry sex? If you haven’t, it’s when you purposely dry out your vagina with herbs, household detergents, antiseptics, leaves, and other potentially harmful chemicals before engaging in sexual activity.

Girls and women do this in the ‘hopes’ of bringing more pleasure to their male partners during sexual intercourse. This is a very harmful practice, and I am here to assist you to dispel or debunk the myths around this dangerous trend.

Myth 1: Being wet indicates promiscuity

Your vagina lubricating itself or being wet before and during sexual intercourse is normal and natural. This is sometimes referred to as being ‘moist.’ Some men assume that wet women sleep around, but this is entirely wrong!

Wetness is a natural part of sexual arousal. It is important that your vagina get wet during sex in order to avoid sexual intercourse becoming uncomfortable or painful and causing you to bleed due to friction.

Myth 2: Drying your vagina will make it tighter

Your vagina usually expands, extends, and lengthens when you’re aroused. In other words, when you’re turned on, the top section of your vagina stretches and pulls your cervix and uterus further into your body in preparation for sexual intercourse. All of this will occur naturally. Therefore, nothing that occurs during arousal should cause your “vagina to tighten” since that is not how it should be.

Myth 3: Dry sex is pleasurable

No, it’s not.

As mentioned before, lubrication lessens the friction that occurs during intercourse between the penis and vagina, which helps to avoid minor wounds on the penis and in the vagina that might spread infections.

When you engage in dry sexual intercourse, you put yourself through discomfort and raise your risk of getting HIV and other STIs.

Myth 4: Women shouldn’t enjoy sex

Sexual pleasure is to be enjoyed by all.

Women should also enjoy having sex. The notion that women shouldn’t enjoy sex is simply wrong and an unfair way of dictating how they should feel about their sexuality. Also, by engaging in dry sex, you not only support this viewpoint but also put yourself through unnecessary discomfort. You shouldn’t want to be with a spouse who disapproves of your enjoyment of sex. Sex is not something you owe your lover.

Myth 5: Natural herbs are good for your vagina

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that does not require the usage of herbs or leaves to keep it cleaner and tighter. Your vagina will take care of itself, so spare yourself the trouble and leave it alone. As you can see, having sex and getting wet is completely OK. Actually, the ideal way for you to enjoy sex is while you’re wet.

The dry sex craze or trend isn’t one to get on just to satisfy your spouse, because you’re merely interfering with your body’s normal way of working, which may be hazardous.

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