Do all men masturbate?

If you’re Kenyan, you may have heard or used the term ‘kunyonga‘, if you’re not, it is slang for masturbation.

Do you masturbate?

During puberty, your body starts releasing more of the male hormone testosterone, and you’ll start to feel the urge to engage in sexual activities, including masturbation.

If you’re 14 or older, chances are you have already masturbated, and while it might seem embarrassing to admit it, know that most men do it. 

So, yes, a lot of men and boys masturbate. Their hands do more than lift luggage.

Afraid you’ll go blind?

Contrary to what people believe, masturbation is actually good for you. When you masturbate, you are releasing sexual tension that builds up as you go through puberty. Also, having the power to give yourself an orgasm is amazing! Don’t you think?

We have heard some very disturbing rumors about masturbation, including myths like you go blind, it’ll stunt your growth and run out of sperm and won’t be able to have children or people will know you’d be masturbating just by looking at you.  Guys, none of these things are true.

Honestly, the only risk masturbation poses is skin irritation from old semen. So consider using a lubricant, and always wash your penis thoroughly afterward.

The desire to masturbate is a normal part of growing and ignoring it is just not listening to your body. You shouldn’t feel shame or guilt for wanting to do something pleasurable that men have been doing for thousands of years.

How much is too much?

Many boys and men wonder what’s healthy or unhealthy when it comes to masturbation.

First, how much you masturbate is up to you; even multiple times a day, week, or only once a month is completely normal.

There is no specific number of times that can be considered healthy or unhealthy.

However, if you do feel that masturbation is controlling your life such that it is preventing you from performing daily tasks such as school, work, or socializing, it’s time to think about stopping or reducing how many times you do it.

If you find it hard to stop, don’t be afraid to speak to a trusted adult, friend, or therapist. We know masturbation can be difficult or embarrassing to talk about, but asking questions will definitely make you feel much better about what you’re going through.

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