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8 benefits of masturbation

Survey shows that 95% of men and around 72% of women have masturbated in their life. That’s a lot of self-pleasure!

Touching yourself for pleasure isn’t just for single people, people in relationships masturbate too!

So, what is masturbation?

During puberty, your body starts to produce more sex hormones. One of the results of this is increased interest and curiosity about sex and sexuality.

Sometimes young people will experience sexual pleasure and relieve stress and sexual tension by touching their genitals. This is called masturbation. It’s very common for boys and girls.

It’s normal if you do it, and normal if you don’t. If you do, remember to always do it in private.

There are many myths about masturbation. Despite what you may have heard, masturbation won’t:

  • Hurt your body physically
  • Make you run out of sperm
  • Impact your ability to get or keep an erection
  • Make your penis break off
  • Make hair grow hair on your palms
  • Make you go crazy
  • Leave you blind

What are the benefits of masturbation?

Here are some benefits of masturbation

  • Masturbation can lower your stress and help you relax.
  • Masturbation can help you get good or better sleep which is important for your mental health.
  • You cannot get sexually transmitted infections from masturbating.
  • You cannot get pregnant from masturbating
  • Masturbation can help ease period cramps
  • Masturbation helps you better understand your body
  • Masturbation can also help with boosting your moods
  • Masturbation gives you pleasure

If you masturbate quite frequently to the point that it is impacting your normal daily routine, this is not normal. You should either stop or try to reduce the frequency.  

Generally, masturbation, if done a few times a day, does not present a problem and is a physically safe way to express sexual feelings. Masturbation is a safe and healthy activity. 

So, put on some music, light those candles, and enjoy thyself!

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    1. Hi Grace, 

      Tell us more!…

      Hi Grace, 

      Tell us more! What benefits have you gotten?

      1. Thank you, Charles!

        Thank you, Charles!

    2. Grace, good as it is, let’s…
      Grace, good as it is, let’s date?

      1. Grace, meet Andre! Do tell…

        Grace, meet Andre! Do tell us how it goes! Good luck Andre. 

        1. @Andre someone wants your…

          @Andre someone wants your email…

      1. Happy to hear that, Francis…

        Happy to hear that, Francis. We love it too!

    3. Yes Grace….some time its…
      Yes Grace….some time its good

  1. Since im single i do…
    Since im single i do musterbation any time i feel just makes me fell relaxed and lowering my stress rate.But i wonder if get back into relationship would i still have some intrest in musterbation? Admin help

    1. Hi Kogxy, 

      That depends. If…

      Hi Kogxy, 

      That depends. If you masturbate in moderation i.e. masturbation that does not interfere with your normal life, then you will be alright in a relationship as well. However, if you find yourself masturbating too often that it affects your daily activities, it may also affect the quality of your relationships. Too much of anything is poisonous so keep it moderate as you will also have a healthy relationship. 

  2. I love masturbating…
    I love masturbating…. because it keeps me calm and healthy

  3. It someone to relax and get…
    It someone to relax and get out of stress from sex…and I recommend it

    1. Me too, Charles! I highly…

      Me too, Charles! I highly recommend it. 

  4. if it doesn’t drive me crazy…
    if it doesn’t drive me crazy ? iam not doing it.

    1. You deserve it, Paula! Get…

      You deserve it, Paula! Get it!

  5. Learned something good. I do…
    Learned something good. I do it sometimes

    1. Gald you learned something…

      Gald you learned something new! Plus, it’s good to know you are a member!

  6. We need a really pussy si…
    We need a really pussy si mikono.

    1. Hi Iyzo, 

      Well, Iyzo some…

      Hi Iyzo, 

      Well, Iyzo some people prefer vaginal sex only and that’s okay. It’s all about preferences and we are here for all of them!

    1. Hi Topaz, 

      We all have…

      Hi Topaz, 

      We all have different beliefs and preferences and that’s okay. If you find it demonic, that’s okay also. At Love Matters we are pleasure-positive and we want everyone to live their best possible sex life. The most important thing is to respect each others’ preferences. 

  7. Facts I like it makes me…
    Facts I like it makes me feel relaxed ❤️? I love it

  8. I do hate this single life,…
    I do hate this single life, kuna msups wa love matters around who can help me out of single life and boredom.. otherwise I do love masterbating atleast twice a month. And for all the girls I’ve enjoyed sex life with I do love fingering them and also cj. Nimeenda

    1. Macharia! We hear you!…

      Macharia! We hear you! Hatuna msupa tunaeza kuokolea! But unaeza tulia hapa upate tips on love, sex and relationships. 

    1. Yes, it does Jonah! Is this…

      Yes, it does Jonah! Is this from experience?

  9. Does the bible allow…
    Does the bible allow masterbation or how does it say about this matter?

    1. Hi Joskas, 

      Love Matters…

      Hi Joskas, 

      Love Matters chapter 13 verse 4-5 says that masturbation is a pleasurable act that helps you explore your sex life. In terms of the good book, that we cannot help you with, perhaps your pastor can assist better. 

  10. I don’t think masturbation…
    I don’t think masturbation is better…it will lower your libido

    1. Hi there, 

      That is a myth…

      Hi there, 

      That is a myth. There is no proof that masturbation lowers libido. 

  11. Now I have idea about ..
    Now I have idea about ..

    1. The benefits of masturbation?

      The benefits of masturbation?

  12. need a lady who has tried it…
    need a lady who has tried it,op Al make up for her

    1. Gotten the lady yet? I’m…

      Gotten the lady yet? I’m sure there’s someone around you who has. Ask around and don’t forget to inform us if/when your mission is successful. 

  13. It helps in relaxing and…
    It helps in relaxing and lowering of stress
    Also on sleep it’s correct
    It’s good when not too much
    Thanks for the heads up

  14. Can masturbation Course…
    Can masturbation Course infertility?
    Especially in men??

    1. No Nn. Masturbation does not…

      No Nn. Masturbation does not cause infertility. 

  15. It’s good have learnt…
    It’s good have learnt something

  16. I’ve learnt something good.
    I’ve learnt something good.

  17. I can masturbrate 2 times or…
    I can masturbrate 2 times or so in a week, but since i started i find it hard maintaing an erection after ejaculation on the first round…but normally i would still be hard after even ejaculation..please advice

    1. Hi Nyashinski, 

      Sounds like…

      Hi Nyashinski, 

      Sounds like you are experiencing erectile problems. The best thing to do is to visit the doctor for medical advice and/or treatment. 

  18. Masturbating is not good.

    Masturbating is not good.

    Call a spade a spade.

    anything that gratifies the desires of the flesh more than the Spirit man, is not good.

    Self pleasure cultivates self, anything that glorifies self, is Glorifying darkness.
    It is a bondage. People are chained and can’t break free.. not with their own will of course..

    Mathew 10:39 whoever finds his life will lose it, whoever loses their life for Christ’s sake will find it.

    1. Hi Simon, 

      When it comes to…

      Hi Simon, 

      When it comes to sexual pleasure, we all have preferences and choices. At Love Matters, we give factual information and allow our audiences to make decisions that are best for them. We encourage tolerance toward people whose values and preferences are different from ours. If your religious faith guides you to avoid masturbation, then feel free to do so and we respect that. Thank you for your contribution. 

  19. Am sure it lowers someone’s…
    Am sure it lowers someone’s desire for sex as someone may not be interested in dating or being in a relationship, this method physiologically kills sex apettite bro or sis plz resist for the seek of the future generation.

    1. Hi Dotista,


      Hi Dotista,

      Masturbation does not have any effect on your sex drive. Sex drive is affected by the sex hormone testosterone for both men and women and there’s no proof that masturbation can affect how it works. If someone has no desire to be in a relationship or have sex, it could be due to other life events. Also, some people prefer masturbation to sex. 

  20. Why are you ladies…
    Why are you ladies masturbating when am here.
    I don’t really encourage masturbation personally.

    1. Luhya Man, feel free to…

      Luhya Man, feel free to market your skills and experiences here. Seriously though, some people just prefer to masturbate and others love both sex and masturbation. It’s all about preference and has nothing to do with lack of access to penetrative sex. 

  21. I’ll be encouraging my…
    I’ll be encouraging my girlfriend to musturbate when she’s on her periods to Atleast ease her cramps ?

    1. Do it! She will thank you!

      Do it! She will thank you!

  22. I love .. it’s good to know…
    I love .. it’s good to know it’s healthy

  23. Admin should also consider…
    Admin should also consider this;masturbation safes alot of money that could have been wasted on this poor desperate nugging ladies.

    1. Well I’m all for saving…

      Well I’m all for saving money! save your coin where you can. I am not so sure about the ‘poor desperate nagging ladies’ what makes you call them that?

  24. Wow am surprised by this…
    Wow am surprised by this topic ???

  25. It’s the final statement for…
    It’s the final statement for me??? enjoy thyself??

    1. Yep. We are all in support…

      Yep. We are all in support of enjoyment!

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