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10 common sex myths and facts

All over the world, sexual myths are sold to people, mostly the younger generation who might be naive about sex in general. Some of these myths are harmful…

Here are common sex myths and the truth.

  1. A woman’s vagina becomes loose when she has sex all the time

    In Nigeria, there is a misconception about how ‘tight a woman’s vagina should be’. Virgins are supposed to have tight vaginas and promiscuous women have loose ones because they have frequent sex. This is false. Women, like men, come in different sizes. It is very important to understand that the muscles around the vagina are elastic, meaning it naturally contracts and resumes their normal size and shape, both after sexual intercourse as well as childbirth.

  2. Pregnancy can be avoided if you have sex while standing up

    There are various versions of this told to young girls to make them want to have unprotected sex. The concept of having sex ‘standing up’ comes from the fact that if the sex is a little less comfortable, then there is a high likelihood that there will be no pregnancy. This is not correct. There is a chance a woman will get pregnant if she has unprotected sex, whether it is done sitting, lying on one’s back, or standing.

  3. Having sex in water prevents pregnancy

    It is believed that if you have sex in a pool or underwater, the sperm will be washed away and killed. This is false as having sex in water isn’t a determiner of whether there would be a pregnancy or not.

  4. The hymen only breaks the first time sex happens

    Nigeria, like other parts of Africa, has a very weird love for female virginity and it stems from

    the poisonous patriarchy. It is no wonder that a woman’s honor is attached to her virginity and as such, her hymen (a thin membrane that partially covers the entrance of the vagina) should be intact until sex. However, the hymen can also be broken by inserting tampons, physical activity, gymnastics, sports, or sex toys
  5. Drinking alcohol right after sex prevents unwanted pregnancies

    No amount of local gin will prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Whether it is taken before, during, or after sex, it does absolutely nothing. It is advised that you make use of some form of birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies instead.

  6. You won’t get pregnant for first time sex

    A lot of young girls believe there is something that makes them immune from being pregnant the first time they have sex. This is very wrong. There is every chance of pregnancy occurring the very first-time sex occurs.

  7. Masturbation is harmful

    Studies have shown that masturbation has helped people discover what their sexual preferences are. It is also safe and a natural way to release any sexual tension. Like every other thing, it should be done in moderation and it is not harmful as it is rumored to be. It is also a good way to know what works for you when it comes to sex.

  8. Jumping up and down after sex prevents pregnancy

It is believed that when you jump up and down after sex, you can disrupt conception. This is not true so ensure that you use a reliable birth control method.

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  1. Pre-cum doesn’t contain…
    Pre-cum doesn’t contain sperm cells, as the fluid only acts as a lubricant to eneble sperm cells flow effortlessly during ejaculation.
    That being said, the pull out method will only fail if the the male decides to go for a second round of sex without urinating first to flush out residual sperm still Stuck in the urethra. The consequences of this is that, once the male engages in round two of sex, pre-cum would be released again, only this time, it would carry the residual sperm cells into the virginal thereby causing pregnancy.

    1. Hello Xavier, pre-cum does…

      Hello Xavier, pre-cum does contain sperm cells abeit very few.

      1. We are always pleased to…

        We are always pleased to help.

    2. Pre cum contains sperms and…
      Pre cum contains sperms and can get a woman pregnant

      1. Hi Chinedu, pre-cum does in…

        Hi Chinedu, pre-cum does in fact contain come sperm cells and in the right conditions can indeed cause pregnancy.

  2. Really good for youth to be…
    Really good for youth to be more enlightened

      1. HI Ifeoluwa, thank you so…

        HI Ifeoluwa, thank you so much for the positive feedback and we will be sure to continue sharing more and more educative content with you 🙂 Best regards and stay safe! 

  3. Can a lady gets pregnant a…
    Can a lady gets pregnant a week after menstruation with an unprotected sex??

    1. Hi Ani, yes she can,…

      Hi Ani, yes she can, especially if she has a short or irregular cycle.

  4. Is sex determined by the…
    Is sex determined by the size of the penis.which many african women prefer big members than small one

  5. Can masterbation make u skiny
    Can masterbation make u skiny

  6. I love sex my number is …
    I love sex my number is +2348186906787

    1. Hi Judest, 

      We love sext…

      Hi Judest, 

      We love sext too but we can’t help with that! We are not a hook-up site. Good luck in finding an adventurous partner who loves sex too!

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