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Here’s why you feel like peeing during sex

Ladies, have you felt like peeing (or urinating) during the good deed? Is this normal? What should you do?

Clap twice if you have ever felt the urge to pee during sex. It may be that you paused sex to rush to the bathroom or you ignored it and kept going. Either way, feeling like you want to pee during sex is actually quite common for people with vaginas. Penis owners have a natural mechanism to deal with this issue.

3 reasons you feel like peeing during sex

1. Pressure on your bladder

Your vagina and bladder are located quite close thus sex can put pressure on your bladder making you feel like you want to pee. In some cases, the urge to pee is brought about by internal stimulation from penetration.

2. Certain sex positions

Some sex positions e.g. doggy style or girl on top may make some women have the urge to pee. The type of friction from these positions can sometimes confuse the sensations that are going on down there, making you feel like you’re going to pee.

3. Orgasm and female ejaculation

The urge to pee might just be because you are about to experience female ejaculation which can feel a lot like peeing. Also, when women are about to orgasm, they may get this feeling too. It is important for women to differentiate between the sensation of having an orgasm and the urge to pee.   

What should I do if I feel like peeing?

  • First, one of the simplest solutions is to ensure that you urinate before sex. This will ensure that your bladder is empty and also reduce the fear of peeing during sex so that you can fully enjoy sex.
  • Second, try changing the sex position since some positions bring about the urge to pee. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your partner to see what position works best for you.
  • Third, some women feel the urge to urinate before having an orgasm or female ejaculation. If this is the cause, you may want to wait and hang it there. Also, be keen on finding out the difference between the sensation of being about to have an orgasm and wanting to pee.
  • Four, Do yourself a favor and explore your body on your own. Understand how your body acts and reacts during sexual acts. You can use sex toys or you can explore with your partner.
  • Finally, if you constantly feel like urinating during sex, it is advisable to see a doctor because it could be that you have an underlying health condition. This is especially if you also feel a burning sensation, see blood in your urine, or any other worrying symptoms.

Do you ever feel like you want to pee during sex? How do you deal with it?

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