Dry orgasms: when orgasms are without ejaculation

Did you know that some men orgasm or reach climax without ejaculating semen? This is called a dry orgasm.

A dry orgasm is also known as orgasmic anejaculation and it happens during sex when a man climaxes but does not release any semen.

A dry orgasm can be a temporary or permanent condition and while they are often not serious and/or a cause for concern, it can affect a man’s fertility. Some men also feel less confident because of this.

What causes dry orgasms?

Often, a dry orgasm occurs after a prostrate gland surgery which involves the removal of lymph nodes, or after surgery to remove the bladder, also known as a cystectomy. When the two procedures are performed, a man is unable to produce semen.

In some cases, these orgasms can occur after surgery for testicular cancer as this can affect the nerves that control an orgasm.

Sometimes, genetic abnormalities that affect the reproductive system can cause dry orgasms.

Sometimes, having repeated orgasms, especially over a short period of time can cause a dry orgasm. When a man gets multiple orgasms, the amount of semen may decrease and his body may need some time to restock the semen stores. This should not be a concern as it is a temporary problem that should improve after a few hours of rest.

Finally, certain medications – for example, those used to treat high blood pressure and enlarged prostate, and health conditions such as diabetes, blocked sperm duct, testosterone deficiency, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis can also cause dry orgasms.

An important point to note is that in some cases, the semen accidentally goes to the bladder instead of going to the penis. This is referred to as retrograde ejaculation and is different from dry orgasm. The difference, in this case, is that the semen comes out through the bladder instead of the penis.

Treatment for dry orgasms

While dry orgasms are not always a cause for concern, it is important that their cause is identified so that it can be treated in case of an underlying issue. The good news is that your doctor should be able to recommend the best treatment for you depending on the underlying cause.

While some cases of dry orgasms are treatable, others are permanent. A man who suffers from chronic dry orgasms may have fertility issues and may not be able to have children. Doctors may however advise on other options for getting your partner pregnant.

Another important point to note is that a man with a dry orgasm may still release small amounts of semen and these can lead to unwanted pregnancies or STIs. Always used protection to prevent the unforeseen.

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