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What’s your favorite part about sex?

What is the most important part of having sex with your partner? A lot of you will say foreplay, friction, orgasm, etc. But, what if your partner does not share your preferences?

Well, first it is totally normal for your partner to have different preferences. it depends on both of you and the attraction that you have for one another and communicating on what’s the difference between just having sex and making love

Sometimes previous relationships might be the cause. He/she maybe never had the opportunity to explore more when it comes to good sex and preparation before and after making love. Could it be due to nature he’s a fast cummer and needs some new tactics in the match?

Could it be because of improper usafi wa mwili kama kupiga mswaki, jasho or kule chini hakubandi makes it difficult to enjoy foreplay? Ana open and honest communication with your partner can help resolve this.

Have you tried making out while having a shower? share the kitchen together while mnadarana explores more on foreplay.

Being freaky while safe with your partner doesn’t harm you at all. If he/she ejects while giving him good oral sex then change tactics to more or kissing then to penetration part of it. Learn each other’s timings so that you can maybe go for a halftime before completing the match you never know.

Mostly, sex iko kwa mindset and one can train oneself in how and when to have good foreplay. Midnight sex doesn’t necessarily have to have long foreplay unlike the fast one. It’s important to know that your partner puts you in mind when it comes to making love la sivyo they can mourn their ex’s name while mko kwa game and that might be the end of it all or an apology that has no forgiveness.

Good sex is a beautiful journey that one needs to have with their partners that is unique and makes sense to you only.

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