Facts about erogenous zones
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Five facts to know about erogenous zones

In the game of love, erogenous zones serve as doorways into new dimensions of pleasure. If until now you’ve restricted your lovemaking to lips, breasts and genitals, it’s time to explore and arouse the rest of the body.

  1. What is an erogenous zone?

    Erogenous zones are those parts of your body that get aroused when stimulated. The most obvious zones are genitals but sensitive areas can be found all over the body. In fact, when aroused enough, the entire body, with its millions of nerve endings, can become one giant erogenous zone. Although erogenous zones may be slightly different from one person to the next, generally they are the same for both men and women. Stimulating these zones doesn’t just bring sexual pleasure, it also triggers arousal and readies our bodies for sex.

  2. They are all over the body

    The most obvious erogenous zones are the area around the penis and vagina, the mouth (including the lips and tongue), the butt, the breasts/nipples, the earlobes, the shoulders, the neck and the navel. Other sensitive areas are the eyelids, underarms, scrotum, inner surface of the hips, inside of the thighs, in the crook of the elbows, behind the knees, etc. Many people find having their feet or hands stroked is arousing, especially in the area between the fingers and toes. Many, both men and women, also find stimulation of the anus very arousing. There are also erogenous zones within the body, like the rectum or the ‘G-spot.’ Start exploring what ‘works’ for you and your partner.

  3. Everyone is different

    Think of the erogenous zones as a kind of body map. Each person is a new territory, and to map the territory correctly you must go exploring. A woman may go wild when you lick her nipples, but it may hardly excite another. One man may get turned on if you stimulate his anus, while another may be grossed out. It depends on the individual – what works for one person may have no effect on another. There are also a few differences between what works for men and what works for women. To liven up your sex life, spend some time getting to know your partner’s erogenous zones. Also, keep in mind what turns on your lover may change from one encounter to another.

  4. Touch and feel

    Communication is the key if you and your partner want to master your erogenous zones. Explore each other’s body fully, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Try out different kinds of caresses to find out the sensitivity of his or her erogenous zones. A light play of the fingertips may be right in one area, while scratching, pinching or vigorous rubbing might be required to activate others. But finding that out needs patience and paying attention to your partner’s reactions.

    After discovering each other’s most sensitive areas, you can go further and start creating your own secondary zones – areas on the body that become associated with sexual stimulation. For example, suppose your lover caresses you inner thighs after you attain sexual climax. This creates a particular association between your inner thighs and your orgasm, turning the area into a secondary erogenous zone that makes you wild when stimulated.

  5. Look, no hands!

    With all this talk of stroking and stimulation, don’t forget that many instruments can be used to stimulate the erogenous zones. Some areas even turn into erogenous zones simply because a certain trick is used. For example, touching someone’s eyelid may not be arousing, but touching them with your wet lips may do the trick. Perhaps begin with the mouth, and see what different effects it can create in the other by using your lips, your tongue, your breath, or nibbling gently with the teeth. Biting or scratching or spanking may also bring some otherwise dormant zone to life.

    Invite other body parts to the party as well. For men, rubbing your penis over certain parts of her body may arouse her in ways nothing else can. And women: try caressing him using your boobs or nipples, or letting your hair down to brush lightly over sensitive parts of his body. Or bring sex toys, vibrators, silk scarves, feathers, lubricants or ice cubes into the fray. The point is to be creative and exploratory and remember that the entire body can be an erogenous zone.

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