9 interesting facts about the male G-Spot

In case you don’t know, the G-Spot is not only found in women, men also have a G-Spot.

For many men though, the thought of touching or inserting a finger in their rectum is quite appalling but to others, it is among the best ways to achieve optimum sexual pleasure. Men, are you in the first or second category?

Little is known about this pleasure point.

Here are 9 things about the G-Spot you should know:

1. What is it?

The male G-Spot also referred to as the prostrate or P-Spot – where ‘P’ stands for prostrate, is a small gland located about two inches in the rectum in men. If you’ve never inserted your finger in your rectum, it feels like a small organ, about the size of a peanut.

The prostrate has two main uses: reproduction and sexual pleasure.

2. Where is it?

Well, the male G-Spot can be found inside the rectum and is found between the base of the penis and the rectum: the rectum is the passage that leads to the anus.

To find the prostrate, insert a clean lubricated finger into the anus. You will know that you’ve reached the G-Spot when you feel a rubbery and soft texture. If you’re worried about the smell of poop, you can wear a latex glove or condom. For sanitary purposes, a man can clean up and remove any poop from the rectum.  

The G-Spot is part of the male reproductive system.

3. Why is it so sensitive?

Well, just like the Clitoris, the prostate contains a lot of nerve endings. A ton of them!

4. Is it only pleasurable to gay men?


While is it often assumed that the prostrate is only exciting for gay men, the truth is that some straight men explore this pleasure point too. Men who are adventurous enough to explore the prostrate term the sensation as a way of experiencing maximum sexual excitement and pleasure.

Men have to remember that the pleasure they experience when the prostate is stimulated does not mean they’re gay or bisexual.

5. How can the prostrate be stimulated?

You or your partner can massage the external part of the anus with fingers or hands. You can apply lube and rub gently.

For internal stimulation, you can insert your finger with a condom or latex glove into your rectum: you can then insert about two inches to reach the prostate. Tilt your finger towards the belly button and move fingers in circles and/or back and forth motions. Apply different amounts of pressure until you feel good. Again, don’t forget the lube.

Remember! You can reach the prostrate through all kinds of sex positions.

You don’t have to insert the whole hand, at least not for your first time.

If you’d like to take this further, you can try toys such as butt plug or prostate massager. Do your research before making a purchase.

Finally, don’t forget the wipes as they can come in handy before and after anal play. Buy alcohol and scent-free wipes to avoid irritation.

Top tip: Whatever you do, be gentle. The prostrate is not a remote button.

6. Can I get an orgasm when the prostate is stimulated?

‘Oh, Yes!’


‘Oh, god!’

Are we together?! The male G-Spot can, indeed, produce very intense orgasms.

The best part? Orgasms from the prostrate are full body and this means that you will feel the sensation all over your body.

7. What about the poop?

Well, when it comes to exploring the anus, one common question from newbies is whether one will interact with poop. This is a fair question given that one of the primary functions of the anus is to expel poop.

The best news is that poop is not stored in the rectum so it’s not just sitting idly in your anus. However, you may consider washing the anal area before the action.

8. What about the prostate exam?

Did you know that a doctor has to insert a finger in a man’s rectum when conducting prostate cancer screening? Yep! The finger is in a glove though so don’t start smelling things. This explains why most men shy away from going for this life-saving screening. Some men describe it as ‘awkward’, ‘intrusion of privacy,’ or ‘uncomfortable’ but fail to admit that it can actually feel good, in a sexual way.

Men, prevention is better than cure!

9. How can I maintain a healthy prostate?

Prostate cancer is perhaps one of the more known health conditions that affect the prostate.

Here are some ways to maintain a healthy prostate:

  • A healthy diet and physical exercises
  • Avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Manage stress
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Knowing your risk level and going for regular screening

Have you ever stimulated your or your partner’s G-Spot? If not, would you?

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