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Worried you have a micropenis?

Many men worry needlessly about their penis size, convinced they must be cursed with a small penis.

Although a small penis is not a health concern, a person may be legitimately concerned if he possesses a true micropenis.

But just what is a micropenis?

Many guys who have what might be thought of as a small penis, or at least one that is a little below average fear that they have a micropenis, but a real micropenis is a rare thing.

The average size of the erect penis is around 5.2 inches long. A vast majority of men fall within the range of four inches and six inches. A few people measure more than six inches and a few measure smaller than four inches.

But for a guy to be classified as having a micropenis, his erect penis would need to measure 2.8 inches or less, and only 0.5% of men are estimated to fall in this range.

Having a micropenis actually starts at birth. Doctors have concluded that usually, a man comes out of the womb with a penis that is significantly smaller than typical. This is usually a result of insufficient testosterone production during the fetal stage.

Micropenis can be treated during infancy and childhood through testosterone therapy.

However, there can be side effects to this approach, so a decision to utilize hormone supplementation would need to be discussed by the parents with an experienced doctor

Does it interfere with sex?

One worry of a man with what he believes to be a micropenis is how it will affect his sex life.

Micro penises function just as a typical penis does. It should get erect when stimulated and ejaculates semen. However, the shortness of the penis may make it difficult for female partners to achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration. Sexual pleasure from penetration may also be affected.

Couples in which a micropenis is present may want to focus greater attention on oral or manual stimulation to bring about female orgasm.

More concerning are the psychological issues that can result from a micropenis. Many people worry that the size of their penis reflects poorly on their status as a male. This can bring about serious blows to their self-confidence and self-esteem. This may affect their performance in the bedroom, but it also may lead to a deeper depression which inhibits their enjoyment of many other phases of their life.

In some cases, men may seek penis enlargement solutions but remember that these don’t work and even if they work, the impact is very insignificant. In some cases, the treatment options used may leave serious lasting effects on one’s body.

Seeking qualified professional help is urged for men with depression or self-esteem over their penis size. If you think you have a micropenis, kindly talk to your doctor about it and get the necessary help you need.

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