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Are erections in little boys normal?

Did you know that baby boys get erections too? While the topic of erections in little boys can be a sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable one to discuss, it is important to be informed.

A small boy can experience his first erection as early as when he is a newborn. Yes, you heard me right! There’s no need to fear, even though what you see can initially seem a little frightening. That’s quite normal and indicates that everything down there functions or works as it should.

Therefore, if you notice your boy having an erection while you’re bathing him or changing his diaper, don’t be worried. It’s quite common for both babies and toddlers to have frequent erections. However, unlike adult erections, these erections do not lead to ejaculations. Ejaculation in boys doesn’t happen until puberty, which on average is around the age of 11 or older.

There are several causes of erections in children. In young boys, not all erections are associated with sexual activities. In newborns, there is no scientific explanation for why this happens. It could just be the air hitting their genitals when you change them, or perhaps their bladder is full, and they need to urinate.

When boys become older, however, the erection might be a result of them touching, rubbing, or playing with their penis as they have realized it feels pleasurable. Again, this is normal and shouldn’t be considered ‘evil.’ However, if you feel that your boy is overdoing it, help him manage this so that it does not become addictive.

Note that if the erection lasts more than an hour, there’s redness or swelling, or he seems uncomfortable, take him to the pediatrician. Other symptoms that require medical attention are anything unusual such as trouble peeing; foreskin being red, swollen, or looks infected, painful or swollen scrotum, etc.

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