10 questions women have about penises

What are the top penis questions that women wish to ask men but are afraid to?

Answers to questions like ‘what do we call the fear of beards?’ or ‘what is eigengrau?’ will not change your life or put food on the table but you won’t mind knowing, right?

In the spirit of searching for such answers, women are curious about the following:

1. Do you feel it dangling as you walk?

We know that you wear underwear but what happens when you let things hang, do you feel it moving up, down, and sideways?  When I swing my arm, I feel it move, do you feel your penis move?

2. How does it feel to have an erection?

Now, this is a question every woman wants to know. Can you describe the feeling to us?

3. Is post-nut clarity a thing?

Men, is post-nut clarity a real thing? For those who don’t know, post nut clarity is described as coming back to your senses after an orgasm. In certain cases, this concept refers to the immediate regret for having sex with someone: this could be because you just had sex with them just because you were horny or if they were not in a position to consent.

4. Do you have a favorite ball?

Of the two jewels hanging down there, do you have a favorite one? Do you wish they were bigger or smaller?

5. Have you ever measured your penis?

Have you ever? If yes, what did you use to measure? A string? A spoon? A tape measure? your hand?  If you have not, why not?

6. Do you feel embarrassed when you get an erection in public?

Hi men, we see the bulge! Your little (or big) friends down there have a very mighty presence when erect. But the question is, how do you feel when you have an erection in public?

7. How does a penis feel when you penetrate a vagina/anus? And do different vaginas/anuses feel different?

That initial feeling when you penetrate the vagina or anus, how does it feel. How would you describe the feeling? And does this feeling differ from one sexual partner to another?

8. How does deep-throating feel? Is it really that good?

You’’ hear men say ‘Oh yes baby,’ ‘Ooooh, oooh,’ ‘Yeeeeah,’ when you put all, or almost all, of their penis in your mouth when giving a blowjob. Does deep throating feel that good or are you just moaning to make us feel good?

9. Do you prefer to pee when sitting or standing?

Sit or stand? Plus, do you hold your penis with your right or left hand? Just curious

10. Why do you touch your penis (or groin area) so much?

You are not Michael Jackson so please explain: Is this your way of confirming that your penis hasn’t fallen off? Or are you fighting off bugs? Reassuring your penis?

As we said, the answers to these questions will not dramatically change our lives or put food on the table but we still want to know.

Men, talk to us. Women do you have any other penis questions you want to ask men? Drop them in the comments section.

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