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What determines penis size?

Penises come in different shapes and sizes. But, have you ever wondered what determines the size of your penis?

Most men have concerns about the size of their penis at some point in their lives. You are not alone. 

‘How big is my penis going to get?’ ‘Is my penis too small?’ and ‘How can I make my penis longer?’ are some of the main questions everyone with a penis will ask themselves at one point in their life. It is totally normal to ask these questions.  

Most of these questions come from a bunch of false messages you probably heard from society, or the media, especially pornography.

What determines penis size?

There are many theories about what determines the size of one’s penis. The truth this, it’s not about how tall you are, the size of your foot, your race, or the size of your hand.

Your penis size is largely determined by genes. This means the genes passed to you by your parents.

What is the size of an average penis?

An erect(hard) penis is generally four to six inches long while a flaccid(relaxed) penis is usually between two and four inches long.

The girth (circumference) of an erect penis is generally 4 and 55 inches

What is the right way to measure a penis?

Here are the basics of proper measuring:

  • To measure your penis correctly, first make sure it is fully erect.
  • Try to straighten your penis as much as possible, keeping it parallel to the floor.
  • Starting from your pubic bone, place a measuring tape or ruler along the top of your penis.
  • Measure to the tip of your penis. This is your erect length.
  • Next, wrap a measuring tape around the thickest part of your penis (make sure it’s not too tight). This will tell you the girth (circumference) of your erect penis.

Now you know exactly how big you are.

Can I make my penis bigger?

Every day Love Matters receives spam messages trying to sell us magic products—pills, creams, and various devices—that claim to make our penises bigger. Then there’s mganga kutoka pwani who promises to make your penis as long as you’d like. 

In truth, none of these remedies work; they end up being a good deal only for the company selling the product. Even the most medically approved methods do not make much of a difference. 

Is it true that big feet (or nose, or hands) equal big penises?

Not true. 

Scientists have found no evidence of a relationship between penis size and the size of any other body part.

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  1. Penis size and satisfying a…
    Penis size and satisfying a female is a myth… Considering the vagina can stretch and expand to the size of a muscular adult male’s arm up to his elbow in length…?

    1. That’s right, Chris. The…

      That’s right, Chris. The size of one’s penis does not determine their performance. Now, tell us more about that elbow theory…Lol!


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