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Signs that she just had sex

‘How can you tell if a girl just had sex just by looking at her?’

Hi worried guy, either you are very insecure or your girl is behaving in a very peculiar manner that has got you worried. I hope you are not one of those guys who believe that if she’s not giving you some then she must be giving it out to another.

There is no formula

Unfortunately, there is no way of telling just by looking at her; if I had the formula I would have been a dollar billionaire. However, there are some circumstances when you can tell, for example, if you walk in on her with her hair and clothes messed up and there’s a man zipping up his pants. Then it’s likely she’s had some – or at least had some heavy petting.

I wonder what has prompted this question. Maybe you have seen in movies when a girl’s girlfriends take one quick look at her and say, ‘You had some, didn’t you?’. Naturally, all the men in the room are amazed and wonder how they did that.

Mood reading 

Even when fellow women and sexperts can tell if a woman has had some recently, they are not always on point since they can only tell if the woman just had great orgasmic sex. Here, the signs are not physical but rather behavioural, for instance:

The glow: I am sure you have heard women use this term often as a compliment to each other, followed by giggles and blushing. The glow is manifested with a bright face and bright eyes – the stuff only girls recognise.

The cocky grin: A tilted face kind of smile that announces ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all?’. (Answer: ME!)

Happy-go-lucky mood: This is when nothing will mess with her mood. She will refuse to see any sinister motives in anything. She will make lemonade all day long with the lemons life throws at her.

Emotional affairs

But seriously, I must conclude that your relationship is in trouble and you know it. You are just looking for proof to make sense of your suspicions. You must open and activate all channels of communication if you want to salvage your relationship.

You might also want to consider the following: before most women have sex – unless they are intoxicated or on a revenge mission – they will first get emotionally attached to that person. The signs of emotional affection would have manifested long before she has sex with him. The signs of an emotional affair are usually obsession with the other person – she is always talking about the guy ether in a positive or negative light.

Believe me when a woman falls in love with a man emotionally, all other men fall by the wayside; it’s over.

I suspect you have long noted the emotional affair and like most men associate it with sex.

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