Sanitary pad, heart, and condom

Period sex: no big deal

By Cynthia Akinyi March 29, 06:00 am
Women are often horny when they're having their period. Janette no longer regards her period as a deterrent to having sex. Orgasms even relieve her cramps.

I have sex on my period and I don’t plan on stopping.


But it hasn’t always been that way. When I was younger, I had heard of stories of girls having sex on their period but I didn’t dare to try it out myself. I always thought the guys I dated would be disgusted by me and think I was unclean.

But Alex, my boyfriend of two years, made me see things differently. A few months ago, he visited me over the weekend and I was on my period. I didn't know when I would see him again and I really wanted to have sex.

Super horny

I had not seen him for a while and because I usually get super horny on my ‘red robot’ days, I was completely aroused by his mere presence and couldn’t keep my hands off him. When Alex made a move to head over to the bedroom, I panicked and told him I was on my period. He wasn’t too bothered by that fact: 'Do you really think that I can keep my hands off you just because you're on your period?' he said.

So I was finally going to experience my first period sex.

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Cramp relief

I laid a towel on the bed before we got on with it to minimise the mess on the sheets. Since this was a first for me, I didn’t want Alex to get too excited and start using his hands on me down there. Alex slipped on a condom. He knew that I was nervous and I was already cramping, maybe from too much excitement. I was blown away by his gentleness and consideration. By the time he penetrated me, I was really wet and ready to go. The sensation was amazing. It was the same and yet different. Every point on my body felt sensitive and ready to burst.

Later, as I lay in his arms, I noticed that the cramps had eased and were manageable without the need for painkillers. The sex had been amazing. Now there's really no reason why I would not have sex in the future while I am on my period.


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mawega caroline
Tue, 03/29/2016 - 02:58 pm
LEVITICUS 18:19-Do not have intercourse with a woman during her monthly peripd, because she is ritually unclean...That is already a sin!GOD DOES NOT ALLOW US
Yes, I had my first time just this month and will still do it! Why not?! I thought at first it was painful but I was all wrong. It's even more heavenly and it's not that messy if you are prepared like putting some towels in the sheets. And yes, I am hornier during my period. Penetration was easy too because of extra 'lubrication' ;-)
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