How to keep having hot sex in a long-term relationship.
Mikhail Bakunovich

Tips for hot sex in long-term love

Long-term relationships can be rich and rewarding. On the other hand, sex could get stale and unexciting if you don’t step up your game. Keeping passion alive in the bedroom isn’t so difficult. Here are some tips to help keep your sex life fresh.

  • Have sex in new places

    To keep sex fresh you’ve got to make it new, and one of the best ways to do this is to have sex in new places. Start small. Make love in different places around the house, in the kitchen, for instance. From there, perhaps consider renting a hotel room every once in a while, or, if you’re feeling risqué, try doing it outdoors.

  • Vary the times

    Who said sex is supposed to be at night before going to bed? There are 24 hours in a day – make use of them! Have sex in the afternoon, or in the morning before work – it will set a positive tone for the entire day.

  • Try out new positions

    If you can count your repertoire of positions on one hand, it’s time you broaden your horizons. There are 64 sex positions in the Kamasutra alone…

  • Share your fantasies

    Don’t be one of those couples that spends their entire lives together without revealing their fantasies. A long-term relationship is good for getting so comfortable with each other that you can finally open up. Take advantage of that closeness and set aside a night to talk about your fantasies – your sex life will definitely benefit.

  • Focus on foreplay

    Foreplay is fantastic, and the longer it lasts the better your sex life will be. There’s plenty of experimentation to choose from, from oral sex to sex toys. Play with each other as much as possible to keep your sex fresh.

  • Try to watch porn together

    If you both agree, porn is a great way to inject a little excitement into your lovemaking. Your preferred style of adult entertainment may differ, but if you look around you should be able to find something you both enjoy. Not only will it get you in the mood, it could also provide you with new ideas.

  • Try new things with each other

    Sex doesn’t have to start with physical intimacy. You can begin building momentum with other intimate activities, for instance by trying something new, such as taking a dance or yoga class together. Or just go on a date together. Just because you’ve been a couple for a long while doesn’t mean you can’t take each other out on dates any more.

  • Hesitate to surprise your partner

    Whether it’s surprising your partner when they come home from work with candles or sexy lingerie, going down on them when they least expect it, or suggesting an unanticipated sexual experiment.

  • Underestimate flirtation

    Making romantic advances isn’t just for attracting the affection of someone you desire – it’s also playful and fun and can remind your partner that you’re still hot for them.

  • Be afraid of sex toys

    There’s nothing wrong with bringing a little outside help into the bedroom, especially in the form of adult toys. Particularly if they are new to you, they can really reinvigorate sex with an established long-term partner.

  • Rule out technology

    Now that smartphones are a part of our daily lives, why not take advantage of that technology to breathe life into your lovemaking? One example is sexting (foreplay with text messages), which can be a great way to fire up a workday and get both of you in the mood for the evening.

  • Be afraid to spend time apart

    If you’re in a long-term relationship with someone you truly care about, being away from them can be difficult. Sure, you want to spend as much time with them as you can, but it’s also important to have space to yourself. Being apart every once in a while allows you a bit of needed freedom and also makes both of you miss each other – an ideal way to keep a long-term relationship interesting.

    Do you have any more tips about keeping sex in long-term relationships fresh? Let us know by leaving a comment below or via Facebook.  

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  1. i av a questn guys.sth
    i av a questn guys.sth hapened n caused my breakup wth my bf.i rushed n got maried 2 another guy thnking tht i wud 4get my ex.its bn 3yrs now n my feelings 4 my ex stil grow stonger evryday.i lov my ex more thn my hubby doesnt make me fil the way ex made me feel.i realy wanna b wth my ex now.his memories makes me feel so alive.i knw am free 2b wth th 1 i truly lov,but hw cn i go abt it without hurting my hubby.pls help me am stressed up guys

    1. Carol,

      take some time to objectively think about all of this. You broke up with your ex- for good reason presumably. Could it be possible that you make him seem better in your mind than he actually is? Are you still in touch with your ex? And what about your husband? Is there anything that could change to make you love and appreciate him more?

  2. Do we have ti di all this
    Do we have ti di all this even in an online rdlationship?

    1. It will definitely be more
      It will definitely be more difficult in an online relationship.

  3. wat ken a du 2 mek ma vagina
    wat ken a du 2 mek ma vagina bkam smaller koz a had ma firstborn kid n am filin its xo wide its 5manthz since wen a had a baby n am nt married n a dnt want 2 mit ma boyfriend koz a think hi wil nt lyk it pliz help

  4. wat ken a du 2 mek ma vagina
    wat ken a du 2 mek ma vagina bkam smaller koz a had ma firstborn kid n am filin its xo wide its 5manthz since wen a had a baby n am nt married n a dnt want 2 mit ma boyfriend koz a think hi wil nt lyk it pliz help

    1. What do you want to join?
      What do you want to join?

  5. since that guy is good in bed
    since that guy is good in bed he is proud of him self and he might have got some one else praising his sex so u killed yr chance

    1. Thanks for your thoughts!
      Thanks for your thoughts!

  6. I am in a long distance
    I am in a long distance rltnshp i like the lady very much in blood en vein bt hve never meet her yet en she lovesme ttew. BT recently i talked abt sex life en she seems to go low cz she is a Virginia en she told me she is afraid of meeting me cz am thnking of having sex with her en dump her i told her am nt tht type.

  7. Hi my name is Dan,I work with
    Hi my name is Dan,I work with Kenya marine solder. Am not married bu I got a gf who I love so much. We do chart and call each other. I use of my time out, the other time I come home very thirsty for love but she told me that her days are not good. When I. Used my intelligent I found it was not true, now she is in Dubai for business, when I text her she takes so long before replying, but I found her online everyday and everytime,what should I do

    1. Dan,

      we suggest you ask her what’s going on.
      From personal experience, when traveling for work, things can be very busy, and even though you appear to be online, you might not really be.

  8. My partner just told me she
    My partner just told me she aint ready for any relationship that she need some prayers. I should take her as a mere friend and nothing else. What should I do? Should I simply walk away?

    1. Gever,

      if that’s her stance, then there is very little you can do at the moment. Sorry!

  9. My hubby cheated on me and I
    My hubby cheated on me and I hate him so much. He is unable to address the issue, he still denies it yet I have evidence. He told the lady some personal stuff about me. This hurts me more than the affair itself. We work in different towns but I make sure I travel to see him fortnightly. He is not so keen in visiting me. I am still in good shape (you can’t tell am a mother of three. I want to look for a man who will appreciate me coz I know am a good woman. Problem is I don’t want to leave him for any other woman. Mark you I have never cheated on him but he has given me the reason to consider it. His life revolves around work, friends /clubbing, telly/laptop(am so lonely even when he is around)

    1. Maria,

      have you discussed any of this with him at all?

  10. Am married but am insecure
    Am married but am insecure wid mi hubby I feel he has other women out who r beautiful n gd body shapes am very jealousy wht should I do advise me plz.

  11. Pliz help me i had a fiance
    Pliz help me i had a fiance en he hurted me ,now i hate men so much once i get a crush i end up loosing him wen he talks about sex .Now it 7months .wat shld i do?

    1. Caira hurt breaks are very
      Caira hurt breaks are very difficult to deal with. You need time to heal and move on before you are able to date again. If you try to date while you still harbor the pain of last relationship it will be difficult to be in one. Read this it might help you with that

  12. hi guys,ave bn in a r/ship
    hi guys,ave bn in a r/ship for 3yrs.he has bn satisfied whenever we met and ‘abstain’ him when not in mood,i truly trust the that i am at the first year of my course, he is asking me to propose when to get married to him yet i don’t want to inform my parents coz ave not yet finished my course hence i don’t want to fail him coz i love him so much.plizz help to overcome the situation.

    1. Have you tried to tell him
      Have you tried to tell him that in those words?

  13. so i have been with my gul fr
    so i have been with my gul fr 7 yrs, now since high skul,, bt fr sometyme now i have began losing the connection we had due to sum reasons, such as she keeps on threatening that if i dare leave her she might commit suicide and i actually believe her coz there was this day she saw mi with a workmate having lunch and she blew things out proportion and causing mi a friend…..i rily want to end the rlation bt dont knw how

  14. I loved him n supported him
    I loved him n supported him in anything he needed..I never knew abt sex till he broke my virginity,buh it came when he was away for a trip he told me that he once had a gyal n fortunately o unfortunately she got pregnant n she’ve given birth out of all that I told him that i still do love him and even ready to bring up his kid…n we decided that its fine..buh a few days later when i called him he got his line unreachable wen I text him the textes are delivered buh no reply so I tried to call him through anada fon he picked and talked nth….sent him apology textes if maybe I had wronged him anywea to forgive me since I really did love him my texts went unanswered its been a month since av contact him n if I do no reply. I want to forget abt this man buh I find it so hard weneva I try to do so I get the flashbacks wat should I do to forget this man he’ve hurted me enough pliz help

  15. I have been dating this gal
    I have been dating this gal for six months en had sex twice which she enjoyed… Bt recently she suddenly changed… No more intimacy.. ie kisses, hugs… En on questioning her she says that she is trying to find out whether i am only after her body or if ts true love… I really love bt this change is driving me nuts.. Wat shd i do??

    1. Viny you can talk to her and
      Viny you can talk to her and find out what love is to her and why she feel like you are not showing her love.

  16. hi,am joe…I had a gal n I
    hi,am joe…I had a gal n I loved her soo much…met on facebook a year back ….we loved each other …she really sacrificed herself to come to my place of wich she could have travelled for more than 500kms just to c something happened of which av neva got the clear picture of it….I started being unfair to her ….the trend continued for almost 4 months n finnally we broke up…of which upto now still itches my heart. I have tried to talk to her bt she is playing hard-to-get though she always replies my texts,sometimes she calls to just kno how am proggressing ….bt each time I introduces love matters, she is ever shocked n says NO to my every request I make to her ….though she calls me n texts me always ….I need an idea on wat to do …plz help

    1. Hi Jose, it souunds like you
      Hi Jose, it souunds like you broke her trust towards you. Trust is easy to loose and difficult to build back. You can try talking to her and find out ways of how you can build the trust back.

      You can also try things like keeping your promises, being honest and open always. All the best to you.

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