Wooden Kamasutra carvings on a Hindu temple

Five Kamasutra positions to spice up your sex life

The Kamasutra is an ancient Sanskrit text on family, love, sex, and relationships. Today, it’s well-known for its sex position.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, the Kamasutra isn’t only about sex. In fact, only about 20 per cent of it is. The rest deals with how to improve your relationships.

The Kamasutra talks a lot about ‘Kama’, which is one of the four pillars of Hindu life, meaning ‘desire’. It’s also about the philosophy and theory of love, what triggers desire, what sustains it, and how and when it is good or bad.

But let’s get back to the sexy parts. We know it’s time-consuming to read through the whole Kamasutra, so we took a moment to choose our five favourite positions to make your love life just a little more interesting!

Interesting fact: the Kamasutra itself did not have any actual diagrams; publications with pictures only appeared when the book got to Europe.

Note: this article focusses on sex between a woman and a man.

  1. Sex on a chair

    This is pretty simple. You get your male partner to sit on a chair, then you get on top of him. Quick warning: this position gives really deep penetration. You can modify it a little by giving yourself some leg support so that you can control your movements better.

  2. Reverse cowgirl

    Your partner will have to lay on his back for this one. You then get on top of him, facing his feet. This position will be mind-blowing for your partner.
    You can thank me later.

  3. Indrani

    For this, you need to lie on your back with your knees bent up to your chest. Your man then kneels between your legs and enters you. You can pull him towards you by grabbing his bum. You then put your legs up on his shoulders. Or you could bend your knees and rest your feet on his chest.

    I guarantee you that your partner won’t last long at all in this position.

  4. The lotus

    This is great for yoga lovers. You have your legs crossed in the yoga position and then he penetrates you with your legs bent against your chest. All you have to do is stay put, but the feeling will be mind-blowing. He’s bound to hit your G-spot in this position.

  5. The splitting bamboo

    For all the couples trying to get pregnant, this has been known to do the trick. It’s basically the same as the missionary but with one exception.

    You lie on your back and he will be on his knees between your legs, you lift one leg onto his shoulder and he penetrates you.

    Because of his positioning, he will be really deep inside you. That’s why this position has been known to be a baby-maker – it’s belly button deep.

    Just remember, sex is also about your connection. It’s one thing to do these positions but if you added loads of foreplay and some nice ambience, scented room, massage etc., it’s bound to be one amazing night.

    Communicate, talk to your partner about what else they would like to try and make plans for more tantalizing date nights.

    What’s the most exciting position you have ever tried? Tell us below or on Facebook.

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  1. Good possisions for total…
    Good possisions for total satiesfunction

    1. Hey Thomas, we hope you’ve…

      Hey Thomas, we hope you’ve tried out the suggestions above and found what gives you and your partner that total satisfaction. All the best.

  2. Interesting maybe I shall…
    Interesting maybe I shall try some of them ???

        1. Thank you for sharing…

          Thank you for sharing Beatrice.

        2. Do sex have medical benefits?
          Do sex have medical benefits?

  3. All of them are my favourites
    All of them are my favourites

  4. Really i appreciate to what…
    Really i appreciate to what u teach us mi and my partner I hope we will enjoy a great sex thanks

  5. Wow… I love what I read…
    Wow… I love what I read here. It really teaches me more and I love it. Your best love matters

    1. We are so glad that you find…

      We are so glad that you find this site useful. Keep exploring…

  6. Hi..my girlfriend(22 yrs) is…
    Hi..my girlfriend(22 yrs) is a virgin and getting the sex started has been an issue.She has some phobia and fear of first time experience..is it ok to keep on waiting.

    1. Hi Jay, it is important that…

      Hi Jay, it is important that you wait until she is ready. First time sex doesn’t have to be painful. It is important that your girlfriend is ready and relaxed during sex. It is also important to take time and prepare her through foreplay which helps to ensure the vagina is sufficiently lubricated making penetration easier and less uncomfortable for your partner. Do wait until she feel s ready since the decision to have sex is a personal decision. Lastly, remember to to talk about prevention of unplanned pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Check out the following article;- https://lovemattersafrica.com/making-love/virginity/first-time-sex-what-to-expect

  7. I need a Strong man with big…
    I need a Strong man with big dick to do it with my man is weak

  8. Hello Ann, thank you so much…

    Hello Ann, thank you so much for reaching out to us and we are sorry you are going through a hard time. Do not be so quick to disregard your man, he might be experiencing Premature Ejaculation or Erectile dysfunction, both of which are common among all men who poses dicks. 

    Premature Ejaculation is caused by a number of reasons including fear, anxiety or even stress. Anxiety that one will not perform can make him ejaculate much earlier or stress from home or work. In other cases, particularly in young men it could be the result of sexual inexperience, and so as the young man gets older he also gains more experience in controlling ejaculation.

    There are a few things you one can do to improve control and last longer. In the short term, your man can take short breaks during intercourse, he can also apply firm pressure underneath the penis during intercourse to push blood out of the penis hence decreasing sexual tension, distract himself to think about other non sexual things or use penis desensitizers. Penis desensitizers come in the form of sprays and creams that can be applied on the penis minutes before intercourse and they help to delay ejaculation. Sometimes a condom can help reduce the sensitivity on the penis. 

    In the long term one can ensure they eat healthy and avoid lots of processed foods, begin to exercise which improves blood flow in the body, reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol including smoking and more importantly reduce stress during intercourse. Foreplay will also play a critical role in preparing your partner and getting them closer to an orgasm.

    The following articles provide more information;-


    Erectile dysfunction (ED) which is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Do not worry though, occasional ED isn’t uncommon. Many men experience it during times of stress. Frequent ED, however, can be a sign of health problems. It can also be a sign of emotional or relationship difficulties that may need to be addressed by a medical or psychological professional depending on what he believes might be the root cause. Please check out the link to this article for more information:

    Stay safe and good luck!

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