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7 reasons why sex is good for your health

By Steph Haase April 8, 06:00 am
Sex doesn't only ensure pleasure, but also has many positive health effects. Don't believe it? These seven scientific reasons tell you why sex is good for you.
Sex is great for your immune system

Are you trying to avoid getting a cold? Forget eating oranges, have sex instead! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15217036https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15217036 among American college students found that people who have sex more than three times a week had a much stronger immune system compared to those who had no or infrequent sex. It didn’t matter if they were in steady relationships or not. Any kind of sex had a positive effect. Sexual satisfaction didn’t matter either. So while bad sex may put you off, at least it’s good for your immune system!

It’s good for your heart, too

Having sex makes your heart beat faster out of sheer excitement. Another US study says men who have sex twice a week (or more) lower their risk of a heart attack. Unluckily, men who have sex once a month or less, on the other hand, are more likely to get cardiovascular diseases. Isn’t that an excellent reason to get hot and steamy?

High blood pressure? Have more sex!

More hearty news! Sex can also be good for your resting heart rate and your blood pressure. Having sex frequently has positive effects on both, a study found. Unfortunately, you need to have actual intercourse. Masturbation and non-penetrative sex don’t ensure similar effects.

Prostate cancer and frequent ejaculation

Men who ejaculate often have a lower risk for prostate cancer. Those who come more than 21-times every month have a lower risk, compared to men who ejaculate only four to seven times over the same period. This is especially true for men over the age of 40. Whether the men had sex, masturbated or had wet dreams didn’t matter. Each ejaculation counts for prostate health!

Better orgasms mean better quality of life

Of course orgasms feel good, but they can even improve a woman’s quality of life and her sleep. Higher levels of the hormone prolactin are responsible for this. The amount of prolactin in a woman’s blood stream seems to be directly related to the quality of her orgasms and the satisfaction she feels. Again in this case, intercourse is better for prolactin release than masturbation is.

Sex can improve your relationship

If you want to improve or spice up your long-term relationship, you should have more sex. A study among Czech couples suggests having lots of sex leads to better relationships, especially if it goes hand-in-hand with less masturbation for the woman.

Not at all surprising that couples who have more sex feel they are more compatible and more satisfied. Interestingly, a man’s satisfaction was also determined by his partner’s orgasm. So hard work does pay off in the end.

Stressed? By now you know what to do!

Young women who had to deal with a lot of stress felt that their stress disappeared after having sex. Also, those who were more stressed were more likely to have sex, a study concluded. Although, in order to keep stress levels low and satisfaction high, you need to make sure to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies and STDs.


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