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Does size affect your sex life?

Does your partner’s body size matter during sex? As a ‘huge, fat’ woman with a slim guy, can you still have pleasurable sex, a reader asks.

Your mate is big and you are concerned that there might be challenges? I hope not!

Every size can be accommodated as long as there is love, understanding, and patience.

Both of you can embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery to come up with unique positions and make adjustments that work for you.

It always amazes me how people obsess with size ranging from the penis to the vagina and even the body. As far as body size and compatibility are concerned, everyone must remember that sex is more than just a physical union, it is also an emotional affair.

The latter, in my opinion, is more important than the former. That is why women potentially have more capacity to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm, even without penetration. Women are even able to achieve multiple orgasms, as opposed to only a single one for men!

Having said that, I don’t mean to belittle your concern, as it has some truth in it. For instance, big people have layers of fat around their sex organs. Thus, a big man coupled with a big woman might find it difficult to have sex, as big tummies and layers of fat might get in the way.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible but in this scenario, yes, one slim partner might make things easier.

This kind of notion has led to many misconceptions. For example:

  • Slim men have longer penises and fatter men have thicker ones.
    The penis doesn’t accumulate fat thus can’t become thicker, nor has penis size got anything to do with weight. Size is determined by genes.
  • Slim women have baggy vaginas and fat women have tighter ones.
    Again, if a woman gains weight, that does not make her vagina tighter. Just like with penis size, the shape of the vagina is mostly in your genes. If you feel your vagina is not at tight as it used to be, you can try kegel exercises.
  • Big people are not flexible and thus are unable to perform certain positions.
    That is not always true. Many slim people are so stiff that their movements are limited, whereas you can also find many big people who are extremely flexible.
  • Big folks have low energy and get exhausted too quickly.
    That might be true in some cases, but there are equally many thin people with extremely low energy so that should not be an excuse not to have a mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

From a woman’s point of view, deeper is not always better, as the main pleasure points are within two inches reach inside the vagina. As a matter of fact, girth (or thickness) of the penis is better for women as it has the feeling of fullness. Having said that, even a slim penis used well, and a position that enhances tightness will get the job done very competently.

All sizes work well as long as the emotional and physical sparks are there, as well as good skills and techniques. As long as these winning formulae are used, everyone can have mind blowing Mombasa Raha, regardless of size!

Have you ever been affected by the size of your partner? Do you think bigger people are at a disadvantage when it comes to sex? Share your thoughts with us on the discussion board, on Facebook, or drop us a comment below. 

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  1. I think size matters in my
    I think size matters in my opinion bebecause, there’s a lady I fucked but her possy was so wide like as if she had a share of five ladies that even my dick collapsed before ejjaculation inside her. I couldn’t feel her and was like fucking the air and I thought perhaps my small but all in all, her vigina was very very big.

    1. Thank you Ivan for sharing
      Thank you Ivan for sharing your story and for your input.

  2. i can take like one hour to
    i can take like one hour to finish what cause is it normal

    1. Hi Bony there is nothing
      Hi Bony there is nothing wrong with that it is normal.

  3. How does a big tummy affect
    How does a big tummy affect penis size does it make a penis to shrink??

    1. Hi Schemer , the penis does
      Hi Schemer , the penis does not grow or shrink because of the tummy size, that is just a myth.

    1. Thanks for the feedback
      Thanks for the feedback Merclyne.

  4. The size doesn’t matter so
    The size doesn’t matter so long as you know how to use it and the position

    1. Thanks Eva for your input.
      Thanks Eva for your input.

  5. Thanks we really appreciate
    Thanks we really appreciate

    1. You are welcome Sikubwabo.
      You are welcome Sikubwabo.

  6. but why does it take long for
    but why does it take long for some men to cum, yet it only takes a few minutes for others

    1. Alex it is because people are
      Alex it is because people are different and therefore ow they have sex is not uniform.

  7. Thanks..have jst learnt sth
    Thanks..have jst learnt sth

    1. We are glad to hear that. You
      We are glad to hear that. You are most welcome.

  8. Let forget abt sizes.what
    Let forget abt sizes.what matters is tenchiques.

    1. Thanks for sharing your
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Felix.

  9. Getrude,keep it up,itx vry
    Getrude,keep it up,itx vry true

    1. Thanks for your feedback
      Thanks for your feedback Francis.

  10. that’s very true bt why do
    that’s very true bt why do one feels some pain in the process of sex more especially in the vagin

  11. Let’s not comfort + size
    Let’s not comfort + size women by telling them sweet lie.truth is dat men(all)don’t enjoy sex with fat ladies the way they enjoy with slim-curvy ones.and this explains y ull find all married men(including me)with +sized partners who tends to cheat,they do it with slim mistress.

    1. Thanks for your input and for
      Thanks for your input and for sharing your thoughts on this issue.

  12. I have always been repelled
    I have always been repelled by fat men(sorry to use the word fat but lets call a spade a spade). But as you said emotional connection makes things much easier. It makes one look at the good qualities and ignore the weaknesses. But men…

    1. Thanks for you input
      Thanks for you input Terryanne.

  13. I have a weak erection is it
    I have a weak erection is it normal?

    1. Hi Joe, what do you mean by a
      Hi Joe, what do you mean by a weak erection?

  14. Am just worried about this
    Am just worried about this lady I have been dating, the moment we start the mating she cries painfully instead of enjoying, I don’t know if my pen is huge, what might be the reason?

  15. i have been a player for long
    i have been a player for long changing girls in weeks before i decided to stop…well i cld say it taught me alot of things ‘experience’ to be specific . It doesnt matter most your size but the right skills and most of all i would advice you guys to try different styles they do magic. every time i have sex now with any girl she always have +ve compliments about my action, am out.

    1. Hey Shefad, thank you for…

      Hey Shefad, thank you for your contribution.

  16. why do I take only one…
    why do I take only one minute to collapse

    1. Hey Jon, do you mean to say…

      Hey Jon, do you mean to say you ejaculate and loose your erection too soon? If this is the cases, what you are experiencing is known as premature ejaculation. It may result from both physical and psychological problems, though it is usually difficult to find the exact cause. Usually, after ejaculation, a man will loose his erection for a period of time before gaining another. Psychological factors include a religious background in which sex is stigmatised, stress and anxiety, guilt, depression or past sexual trauma. Physical causes may include an oversensitive glans (the top part of the penis), hormonal problems, past injuries, drug side-effects or neurological disease. At times, it is simply caused by disinterest or lack of attraction for a sexual partner. It may also be the result of a lack of experience in sex and s one gains more experience they become better at controlling their ejaculation. Check out the following articles for mores tips;- https://lovemattersafrica.com/making-love/sex-problems-how-to-overcome-them/difficulties-with-sex-men https://lovemattersafrica.com/making-love/sex-problems-how-to-overcome-them/how-to-overcome-premature-ejaculation

  17. Does size matter with slim…
    Does size matter with slim girls

    1. Hi Mbebe, thank you for…

      Hi Mbebe, thank you for reaching out to us. So sorry to say this but I do not understand what you mean. Could you please explain?

  18. Slim Or Fat Is Not Matter As…
    Slim Or Fat Is Not Matter As Lmg You Can Enjoy It. (sex)

  19. Amen to that Sir T! We…

    Amen to that Sir T! We completely agree with you! Have a great week ahead and stay safe 🙂

  20. According to me with my…
    According to me with my experience slim ladies have a very huge deep and wide pussy fat women avery tight pussy and sweet u enjoy

  21. Thank you for sharing your…

    Thank you for sharing your perspective with us Bonnie, we really appreciate it! Have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe!

    1. Hi Cdi, 

      Good to know. Plus…

      Hi Cdi, 

      Good to know. Plus size women rock! 

  22. Nice , but I have heard…
    Nice , but I have heard people saying skinny girls have hole while fat girls have tight pussy ,so I decided to check

    1. Hi Amanda, 

      That is a myth…

      Hi Amanda, 

      That is a myth. There is no evidence to prove that the size of a woman’s body determines the length or width of her vagina. 

  23. Size matters alot… it’s…
    Size matters alot… it’s evident that, when you own small dic, your performance will be low.am slim,i own big and i think i use it properly.they like it

    1. Hi Blessed, 

      Size does not…

      Hi Blessed, 

      Size does not really matter. It’s often about how one knows how to use what they have to give optimum satisfaction to themselves and their partner. Glad to hear you know how to use yours properly. 

  24. It’s true when all partners…
    It’s true when all partners are fat, it affects sexual activity

    1. Hi Sam, 

      Well, it can only…

      Hi Sam, 

      Well, it can only affect if the weight has affected libido and when the overweight person has a negative body image. In some cases, a big man coupled with a big woman might find it difficult to have sex, as big tummies and layers of fat might get in the way. Otherwise, as stated in the article, it’s all about exploring positions and tricks that work for you both. 

      I’m curious, do you have first-hand experience, if yes, kindly share. I’d be happy to hear from you. 

  25. Is it advisable for someone…
    Is it advisable for someone to enlarge his penis?

    1. Hi Jahny, 

      No, it is not…

      Hi Jahny, 

      No, it is not advisable. Most solutions that are suggested do not work. Read this article to learn more: Can I make my penis bigger?

  26. I wanna have sex with my…
    I wanna have sex with my girlfriend. I got 5.3″ length & 5.5″ inch girth. Is it gonna be small for her?

    1. Hi James, 

      You are doing…

      Hi James, 

      You are doing good for yourself, James! The average penis size is 5.1 and 5.5 so you are well within the average length. Yipee!

      You should know that most men worry about their penis size just like you. Well, porn has done a good job at making men feel small down there! Often, this worry is unfounded since they are well within the average size. 

      Remember, it’s not always about the size, a woman’s pleasure during lovemaking comes from many things and not just the feeling of having a man’s penis inside her vagina. 

      Try out sex positions that make the best of what you’ve got! Plus, avoid worrying since performance anxiety can greatly really affect your sex life. 

  27. Does doing sex everyday make…
    Does doing sex everyday make a person to be slim because from the day I started doing sex everyday with my wife i become so slim!?

    1. Hi David, 

      Well, sex is a…

      Hi David, 

      Well, sex is a form of exercise and can actually help you lose extra calories. While making love, you expend energy, and according to experts. But, let’s consider that there could be other things that may be making you lose weight. Also, you don’t seem too happy to be losing weight. 

  28. When I was married.I tried all the advice coupled with my knowledge of their bodies.We always had awesome sex. Now when they discovered certain things I liked,That coupled with sex with them made me ejaculate so hard it almost hurt .We both walked funny some days!!

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