Can I enlarge my penis?
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Can I make my penis bigger?

'Will exercise or medicines enlarge my penis? I’ve seen websites that say you can increase your penis size with medicines or "ancient" techniques to strengthen and lengthen it through exercises. Is it possible.'

Before I get down to your question, let’s talk about your penis.

Reading your letter, I deduce that you’re not happy with its size. Don’t worry – you’re amongst the majority of men who’re convinced that they are too small. Yes, I said majority. Because most men with a normal-sized organ worry themselves half to death over their size. That’s penis fact number one for you.

Size doesn't matter

The second and the more crucial penis fact is that dick size does not affect sexual performance. No matter how small you think it is, your partner will still find it satisfying (and at times scarily large too).

Take my word for it. penis size just doesn’t matter and I am willing to out argue anyone who says otherwise. Remember that the vagina doesn’t just have a small opening, it’s also rather elastic from inside, happy to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

No muscle

Now let’s get back to the main issue on table, since you asked it in such a straight forward manner, let me give you an equally straight answer. No. That's for both your questions. These things just don’t work and you shouldn't try them.

Let’s be clear: there’s no muscle in a penis. So you can’t exercise it. It’s mostly made of spongy tissue that can fill up with blood to make it hard.

Nothing works

Despite the thriving industry that promises nothing short of Kilimanjaro, permanently increasing girth, length or hardness of human penis is not possible. And that’s true for every non-surgical technique. In fact read the small print: most of them offer temporary enhancement. Something you can get from more fun means!

Ancient or modern, nothing works on your penis. Yes, my dear boy, those pills and supplements don’t work, the extenders can seriously hurt you and the vacuum pumps are not even good to clean the house with.


OK, manual exercises for your penis can have other benefits, but I am sure you already know that. And, don’t even think about tying weights to your thing. Don’t laugh, I know people who’ve done it.

One option is cosmetic surgery, but it’s complicated and risky. In fact most medical professionals advise against it as it’s an invasive procedure that can lead to loss of all sexual functions. Even when it’s successful it adds no more than about a centimetre to the length of the penis, and then only when it’s soft.


Why trouble yourself with what you have? I say take pride in your size and pretty soon you’ll discover that it’s plenty. Just like a woman’s breast size doesn’t have much to do with sexual pleasure, penis size is simply a visual problem.

Researchers say that Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a psychological rather than a medical issue. And I agree: 99 percent of penises are fully functional and size is only about the visual appearance.


If you really want to take things in your own hands (no pun intended), the best thing you can do is actually shed a few pounds if you are overweight. Fat will make your penis look smaller. The penis is anchored to your body at the base, which means that if you gain weight the bottom part of your penis disappears beneath the fat. So it is not your penis you need to exercise to make it look bigger, but the rest of your body!

There is also a visual trick that some men play: shaving or trimming away the pubic hair around the base of the penis at least makes sure that everything you have is on display.

Finally, looking down may make it seem smaller than what it is. Admire your body in a mirror, to get a feel of how the other person sees you. You may be happier with what you see. So, think long and feel strong!

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Mon, 08/08/2016 - 01:33 pm
tying weights to your thing? look. i could not help but laugh...don't try this at home! and i agree size is not directly related to sexual performance..
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