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Does size affect your sex life?

Does your partner's body size matter during sex? As a 'huge, fat' woman with a slim guy, can you still have pleasurable sex, a reader asks.

Your mate is big and you are concerned that there might be challenges? I hope not!

Every size can be accommodated as long as there is love, understanding, and patience.

Both of you can embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery to come up with unique positions and make adjustments that work for you.

It always amazes me how people obsess with size ranging from the penis to the vagina and even the body. As far as body size and compatibility are concerned, everyone must remember that sex is more than just a physical union, it is also an emotional affair.

The latter, in my opinion, is more important than the former. That is why women potentially have more capacity to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm, even without penetration. Women are even able to achieve multiple orgasms, as opposed to only a single one for men!

Having said that, I don’t mean to belittle your concern, as it has some truth in it. For instance, big people have layers of fat around their sex organs. Thus, a big man coupled with a big woman might find it difficult to have sex, as big tummies and layers of fat might get in the way.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible but in this scenario, yes, one slim partner might make things easier.

This kind of notion has led to many misconceptions. For example:

  • Slim men have longer penises and fatter men have thicker ones.
    The penis doesn’t accumulate fat thus can’t become thicker, nor has penis size got anything to do with weight. Size is determined by genes.
  • Slim women have baggy vaginas and fat women have tighter ones.
    Again, if a woman gains weight, that does not make her vagina tighter. Just like with penis size, the shape of the vagina is mostly in your genes. If you feel your vagina is not at tight as it used to be, you can try kegel exercises.
  • Big people are not flexible and thus are unable to perform certain positions.
    That is not always true. Many slim people are so stiff that their movements are limited, whereas you can also find many big people who are extremely flexible.
  • Big folks have low energy and get exhausted too quickly.
    That might be true in some cases, but there are equally many thin people with extremely low energy so that should not be an excuse not to have a mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

From a woman’s point of view, deeper is not always better, as the main pleasure points are within two inches reach inside the vagina. As a matter of fact, girth (or thickness) of the penis is better for women as it has the feeling of fullness. Having said that, even a slim penis used well, and a position that enhances tightness will get the job done very competently.

All sizes work well as long as the emotional and physical sparks are there, as well as good skills and techniques. As long as these winning formulae are used, everyone can have mind blowing Mombasa Raha, regardless of size!

Have you ever been affected by the size of your partner? Do you think bigger people are at a disadvantage when it comes to sex? Share your thoughts with us on the discussion board, on Facebook, or drop us a comment below. 

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I think size matters in my opinion bebecause, there's a lady I fucked but her possy was so wide like as if she had a share of five ladies that even my dick collapsed before ejjaculation inside her. I couldn't feel her and was like fucking the air and I thought perhaps my small but all in all, her vigina was very very big.
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