Vegetables resembling penises in all kinds of shapes and sizes
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Penis shapes and sizes

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. And they all look different: straight, curved, long, thick, thin, circumcised, uncircumcised. One is no better than the other.
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When soft, a penis is usually between 6 and 13 centimetres long. An erect one is usually somewhere between 7 and 17 centimetres long. The average erect penis is about 12 centimetres. Smaller penises grow more in size when they become erect compared to large penises.

Some boys and men joke a lot about the size of their penis or other people's penises. It’s often because they feel insecure, or because they want to look tough, or they want to make up for lack of knowledge.

If you want to measure your penis, do it when it’s erect, on the top side – the side closest to your belly.

Bananas in different sizes and shapes arranged vertically

Does size matter?

If you have a bigger penis, it doesn’t make you a better lover, and it doesn’t mean you’ll have better sex.

Girls or women find foreplay, affection and relationship satisfaction as important as their partner’s penis size.

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Do condoms come in different sizes?

Yes. When you buy condoms, it’s important to find ones that fit you. Most condoms are made to fit average erect penis sizes (4.7 to 5.9 inches/12 to 17centimetres).

Different condoms in different shapes and sizes

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Do people from some ethnic groups have larger penises than others?

There is no conclusive evidence to prove that certain ethnic groups have larger penises than others.

However, some organisations such as the World Health Organization’s have reported slight ethnic differences in average erect penis size that men of:

  •     African descent have slightly longer and wider penises
  •     European descent have medium-sized penises
  •     Asian descent have slightly narrower and shorter penises

Can you tell the length of someone’s penis by the size of his hands or feet?

No. There is no relationship between having a bigger shoe size or larger hands and having a larger penis.

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Can you make a penis bigger in length or width?

There are no non-surgical techniques that can permanently make a penis bigger.

Other penis enlargement products like pills, weights, and stretching devices don’t usually work in the long term. At worst they can be very dangerous to your health.

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What is a micropenis?

A micropenis is a penis that measures less than 2.75 inches/7centimetres in length when erect. It happens if the level of the male hormone testosterone is too low when the baby is developing in the womb. Most boys and men who are worried they have a micropenis and who see a doctor don’t actually have the condition.


Most often, the penis looks smaller than it really is because it’s hidden by fat around the genitals. In other cases, if a boy has not reached puberty just yet, his penis may appear smaller compared to his body size. This is not something to worry about, because once puberty starts, the penis will also grow in length and width.

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Hi Hurp, This just means you have a high sex drive and this is not an issue. The challenge maybe when you get into a relationship with a person who does not have the same sex drive as yours. This is fairly common that no two partners share the same sex drive. But if you are committed to the person you are with you can always find a middle ground that will work for you. Check out this article;-
Hey Kazuu, sexual satisfaction is a combination of many activities and even body parts. You are focusing on just one, perhaps you need to explore more, especially because there is little you can do to increase the size. Check out the following article;-
Hi? I really like the conversation. Am a male and I have hormonal imbalance this means that I have more female hormones than those of men. Am more attracted to male than female and sometimes I feel like am gay.Kindly help am deeply disturbed.
Hi Mike, What makes you feel you have a hormonal imbalance. Being gay means that you are attracted to a person of the same sex, emotional, physically and sexually. Therefore, have sexual feeling only doesn't necessarily mean that you are gay. You may want to give yourself time to get to understand yourself and your explore your sexuality. Check out this article;-
Hi Petronillah, Most women will not get an orgasm from vaginal intercourse on since this may not give adequate attention to the most sensitive part, the clitoris. On may have to either stroke the clitoris or lick it. Check out this article;-
Mon, 11/06/2017 - 11:45 am
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Hi Daniel, first these products don't give permanent results only surgery will. Creams may cause a reduced sensitivity, nerve damage among other side effects. Sex is more about intimacy and understanding the needs of your partner as opposed to just size. You just might find your partner appreciates passionate foreplay. Check out this article;-
After fucking a lady and before wiping your penis sometimes you find a mucous substance on your penis . What colour of that mucous should it be ? Sometimes its a clear mucous and others its milky and creamish . Which one means the lady is healthy and not promiscous ????
Hi Dave, you seem to be describing the two kinds of discharge that can be produced. These include lubrication which is a clear fluid that is the result of arousal and the second is a milky liquid which is released following orgasm by a woman. Unless you have been with the person for a long time you may not be able to tell the changes however the lady may tell when they see any drastic changes in smell, color or quantity, especially in combination with itching, pain or redness, it could be a sign of infection. The discharge will not tell you if the lady is promiscuous, if you have fears or concerns you may want to talk to your partner and perhaps use a condom if you are unsure of your partner. Check out the following article;-
Hi Sula, reasons for quick ejaculation or premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation include physical reasons and psychological reasons. Physical reasons include health issues while psychological issues include fear anxiety or even stress. Check out this article;-
peter sheii
Mon, 11/27/2017 - 07:56 am
when i ejaculate my penis becomes soft and it take time to get hard annoys my patner...what can i do to maintain the erection
Hi Peter, This is completely normal, for men to have what is called a refractory period, where it cannot get hard after ejaculation. Honestly, your body is just telling you that it needs some time. There is no real way to change it or make it happen less, so just try to work with your body. If you are really hoping to have more sex, then take the time to recharge and focus on your partner. This is a good time to focus on them and give them pleasure. You will become hard again in no time and continue. Check out this article;-
Hi Voke, do you mean you loose your erection during intercourse before ejaculation? Have a look at this article;-
Hey Geoffrey, This is a matter of preference. It helps to talk to ones partner to get to know what they want or like. As you think about how long also consider the quality or what happens during that time. Check out this article;-
Fri, 12/22/2017 - 10:50 pm
Hey Carlz, there are no problems only that one would need to better clean the foreskin covered penis. Have a look at this article;-
Love Matters
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Kobal, Masturbation has no medical effect infact it is a great and safe way to explore your sexuality and relieve some sexual tension. You are addicted if you are doing it to the point your penis is sour or you miss out important chores like school or work. Check out this article;-

My dick is big enough and I’m black so my dick is wide and long with a curve meaning that I have a big dick and also I’m only 12 and my dick is close to 10 inches
Sun, 02/04/2018 - 10:01 pm
Hello Kevin, penises come in all shapes and sizes. And they all look different: straight, curved, long, thick, thin, circumcised, uncircumcised. One is no better than the other. During puberty, one of the changes that a man experiences is the growth of penis- width and length. So nothing to worry.
Thu, 02/15/2018 - 09:59 am
I am a male with 21 years and I have never had sex in whole of my life.I feel like having sex but my elders advise me to abstain.will this affect my sex perfomance in marriage?
Tue, 02/20/2018 - 08:54 pm
Hey Bornny, Not having sex will not affect your performance in marriage. When you do plan to get marriage, learn as much as you can about sex and once married be open to learning and talk about it with your partner so you can get to know what you both like and you will just fine.
Hello Josef, What do you mean when you say your penis has become weak? Having a big or small penis doesn't mean that you will have a better sex life. Better sex is achieved by understanding what you and your partner find pleasurable. Penis enlargement techniques dont work, actually that may damage your sexual organ. Check out this article:
Hey Kibiba, Masturbation is one of the safest, easiest forms of sex. It's about getting to know your body and your likes and dislikes. Read this article for more information:
Kibiba, for the family planning method, it is important that you seek medical advice for information on what to consider before choosing a method. In the meantime, check out this article:
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