Masturbation, Top Five Facts
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Masturbation: top five facts (part 1)

By Steph Haase September 13, 07:00 am
Masturbation – pretty much everybody does it, but nobody seems to talk about it. That's too bad, because masturbating is fun and good for you! But then there are some uncertainties and myths.
What is masturbation? 

When you masturbate, you touch and caress your genitals to give yourself sexual pleasure. Often you do this until you're fully aroused and have an orgasm. Masturbation is one of the safest, easiest forms of sex. It's about getting to know your body and your likes and dislikes. This way, you can also teach your partner what you enjoy when you have sex. And no matter what you may have heard, there's nothing shameful or unhealthy about it!

Myths busted

There are many, many myths about masturbation out there. But trust us - you will not become blind, skinny, weak or mad from masturbating! No stomach aches and fevers, either. It will have no effect on your fertility. There is no age limit to masturbation. And you can do it as often and as long as you want to, even if you are in a relationship or married!

There's nothing wrong with fantasising while masturbating either. You may even think about things you wouldn't consider actually doing in real life. This is normal, too!

Why masturbate?

So now that we've busted the myths, we'll go a step further and tell you that masturbation is actually good for you! It's good for your physical and sexual health. It's a safe way to satisfy your sexual needs, even if you don't have a partner. And if you are in a relationship, you can still masturbate to release some sexual tension. In general, you'll realize that masturbating will help you to relax, become more concentrated and feel happier!

Masturbation for girls

To masturbate, rub your fingers around your clitoris or over it. When you get turned on your vagina becomes wet. You can use the moisture from your vagina to make your clitoris more sensitive. Rubbing or stroking your clitoris can make you have an orgasm. You can also use a hand-held shower head, directing the stream of water around your vagina. Or use a vibrator or a dildo in your vagina or for stimulating your clitoris.

By the way, just because you masturbate it doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin any more. True, you could stretch or tear your hymen if you put your fingers or a dildo in your vagina. But that can happen in other ways too, and it doesn't mean you've lost your virginity.

Masturbation for guys

Hold your penis in your hand or between your fingers. Stroke your penis in an up-and-down movement. When you’re aroused a little clear fluid will come out of your penis, which will make it more slippery and sensitive. You can also use spit or lubricant to make your hand or fingers glide up and down more easily.

Once you begin to feel aroused, try varying the speed and pressure, until you have an orgasm. You can also try to rubbing or stroking up and down over the head of your penis. Or you can vary between short and long movements or using your whole hand or just two fingers.


Since masturbation is such a huge subject, here's Masturbation, top five facts (Part 2)’.

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