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Sex after pregnancy: myths and facts

By Steph Haase August 14, 02:40 pm
Sex will be exactly the same after giving birth. And, you don't have to wait before having intercourse again. Doesn't sound right, does it? Both are myths.

​​Learn other myths regarding sex after having a baby. We've gathered them all for you and backed them up with facts.

You can only have sex six weeks after giving birth

While it is generally true that doctors advise waiting for about six weeks before having sex after childbirth, this doesn't apply to all women. Some women might be ready earlier (but be aware that sex too early could lead to infections), and others will take longer than six weeks. Either is okay – take as much time as you need and don't rush things if you are not ready yet.

Sex won't hurt

Many women will feel some pain and discomfort the first time (or the first few times) they have sex again.

That's because there might have been trauma around the vaginal area during childbirth and it needs some time getting used to sex again. On the other hand, there are women who experience no pain. So give it a try, and if there is too much pain, you might need to wait a bit longer or try ways that are not painful.

Everything will be as it was before

Sorry, that’s not true. You might need some lubricant at first if you don’t get wet enough, or you may feel some pain. Your sex drive could change as well. And the vagina will have changed a bit, so sex might feel different than it did before.

All this is normal and nothing to be too concerned about. Talk to your partner, and work out ways that are okay for both of you.

And keep doing Kegel exercises ­– that will help with some of the changes.

Sex will never be as satisfying as it once was

No, that's a myth! Sex will be different, but that doesn't mean it will be less satisfying. You have to work with your partner to make sure that you can cope with the changes, and find new ways to satisfy each other if the old ways don't do it for you anymore.

You won't need to worry about birth control if you just had a baby

Breastfeeding can indeed be a good contraceptive method but it doesn't work for everyone, and it's not reliable, particularly if you aren't exclusively breastfeeding.
So if you are not planning on having another baby anytime soon, sort out your birth control methods before starting to have sex again.

Women are the only ones who need time

False! Many men need time to start wanting to have sex again, as well. Some feel guilty for putting their partners through the pain of childbirth; others feel unsure of how to initiate things again without pressuring.

If you have any doubts or fears, talk to your partner! 

The penis could damage the cervix

That's a myth, thankfully! As long as you are ready and go slowly, and use extra lubrication if needed, there is no risk of the penis damaging the cervix (or other parts for that matter), while having sex.

Breastfeeding doesn't affect sex

It might, actually. It could cause some hormonal changes that make sex different altogether, but it can also bring surprises – it's not unusual to lose some milk during sex. If you are uncomfortable with that, you could leave your bra on.
Or have a good laugh because sex is so much better if you can laugh together at the unexpected!

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Hi Mirry, Men do not give birth so I believe you are asking if a woman can have sex with a man 3 weeks after giving birth... Doctors will recommends that a woman resumes sex after six weeks following a normal delivery but may differ from one person to another. Some may be ready to have sex earlier then 6 weeks other may need more time, more than the recommended six weeks. If you do not feel ready to have sex, best thing to do is not to have and also talk to your partner about this. Review the article above for additional information.
does normal delivery have anything to do with enlargement of the vagina.... cause some men say their wives ain't tight enough as they used to be.#they fail to cum
Hi Rita, The vagina naturally changes after giving birth, and might feel wider, dry or sore for some time but the vagina will go back to close to normal after a while. Check out the following article;- https://lovematters.co.ke/our-bodies/female-body/vagina-shapes-and-sizes-myth-buster
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