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10 common reasons women choose abortion

Abortions are most often the result of unintended pregnancies. We bring you 10 common reasons why women choose abortion.

  1. Failed contraceptiveResearch shows that failed contraception is one of the most common reasons for abortion. All family planning methods have a failure rate, so even when you use it perfectly, there’s always a small chance of pregnancy.Read more about the effectiveness of contraceptives.

  2. Financial status

    A study released by Guttmacher Institute in 2005 states additional financial responsibility that comes with a baby as one of the main reasons why single women or couples go for an abortion.

  3. Marital status and social norms

    Social norms in many parts of the world shun children born out of wedlock. To avoid the social stigma, fear of familial rejection, and abuse resulting from having a child out of wedlock, unmarried people might choose abortion as a safe way out.

  4. Relationship issues

    A Guttmacher Institute’s study also suggests that women might not want to continue with a pregnancy if their relationship with their partner is at a precarious stage or if the husband or partner is not in the favour of a child.

  5. Career or education

    Very often, single women or couples choose abortion as the baby might interfere with their career or educational plans.

  6. Not wanting to expand the family

    Women who already have children and do not want any more babies go with the decision to abort. A research from the Department of Health, UK says that this is more common among older women.

  7. Medical conditions

    Cases where tests reveal genetic or birth defects in the foetus usually are aborted, especially if detected in early pregnancy says another research. Also, women with serious health conditions might be advised to undergo abortion fearing for the child’s and their own health. Victims of severe drug or alcohol abuse opt for abortion scared of what the impact of abuse may be on the health of the baby.

    It is important to understand that abortion performed at unsafe places may lead to medical complications, even death.

  8. Age

    An Indian study suggests that the highest number of abortions are chosen by women under 20 years. Women who are too young or too old to bear a child go for abortion thinking of the social, medical, and financial implications.

  9. Incest or abuse

    Victims of forced sexual intercourse or incestuous sexual acts also choose abortion.

  10. Female foeticide

    In certain parts of the world, sadly, pregnant women are forced or coerced by their immediate families or partners to abort if tests reveal a female baby. It is also known as sex-selective abortion.

An abortion is a deeply personal and strong life decision that a woman takes. Supporting her throughout the process will only help her come out of it stronger and healthier.

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Source: Reasons Why Women Have Induced Abortions: Evidence from 27 Countries by Guttmacher Institute.

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  1. Some of these reasons are…
    Some of these reasons are not garantee for abortions.
    Abstainance should be preach except for married couples.

    1. Hey Blessing, different…

      Hey Blessing, different women will choose to get an abortion for different reasons including those not listed here. Some may be compelling others may not be atleast to others. Abstinence  is the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancies. One can also choose to use a condom each time they have sex. Using birth control can also help prevent unplanned pregnancy. 

    2. Do not let theology control…
      Do not let theology control your biology

      1. Hi Tom, 

        What do you mean?…

        Hi Tom, 

        What do you mean? Kindly explain. We are happy to engage with you or answer any question you may have. 

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