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Signs of an incomplete miscarriage

How do I know if I had an incomplete miscarriage?

An incomplete miscarriage occurs when a miscarriage begins, but some of the pregnancy tissue does not completely come out of the uterus.

In some cases, the tissue gets out of the uterus naturally but in other cases the woman may require medical attention to remove the remaining tissues.

How do you know?

Bleeding and pain are the most common signs during and after a miscarriage. However, for incomplete miscarriage, these symptoms are common:

  • Heavy bleeding – this bleeding increases with time. The bleeding that does not stop thus you need to see a doctor immediately.
  • Passing clots – if you start seeing big clots coming out of your vagina, this could mean that you are having an incomplete miscarriage.
  • Increased pain in the tummy area – you may experience a lot of pain that feels like cramps and contractions.
  • Fever and flu-like symptoms – you may realize that your temperatures are higher than normal.
  • Smelly discharge – if you have vaginal discharge that smells really bad, this could mean that you have developed an infection after a miscarriage and you need a see a doctor immediately.

These symptoms are very similar to those of an incomplete abortion. Thus, any clinic or hospital that can treat incomplete miscarriage should be in a position to assist with incomplete abortion.

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If you experience these signs, seek medical help immediately. You need post-abortion care. You can visit Marie Stopes clinic near you. Here is a map to help you locate your nearest clinic.

You can also get help from the nearest government hospital.

They will likely offer any of the three treatment options: surgery to remove the pregnancy, prescribed medicine, or waiting for the miscarriage to happen naturally. Ensure that you follow your doctor’s advice to avoid future problems.

Apart from physical treatment, the hospital or clinic should offer you emotional advice and support. It may be hard to cope after the loss of a child thus talk to your doctor so that he/she can help you get emotional support you need.

Do you suspect you had an incomplete miscarriage? Call Marie Stopes toll free on 080072005 or WhatsApp 0709 819001.  

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