Penis size: myths busted

Penis size: myths busted

By Gayatri Parameswaran June 6, 02:59 pm
Penis size – it worries nearly every man. But do women care? What's the average size? Does a man's shoe size say anything about his penis length? Can you increase your penis size without surgery? All this and more in this edition of Sex Myth Buster.
The average penis size is about 8 inches (20cm) when erect

False. It depends on whose figures you go by, but in any case the average length is much shorter than that. Bear in mind also that penis sizes do vary around the world, so there’s no universal ‘normal’.

According to a study by the British Institute of Urology, the average size of an erect penis is about 5.5-6.2 inches (14-15.75cm), and the average girth is about 4.7-5.1 inches (12-13cm).

At Love Matters we’re a bit more cautious – we just say an erect penis is usually somewhere between 2.7 and 6.7 inches (7-17cm). When it comes to condom sizes, ‘average’ counts as 4.7-5.9 inches (12-17cm).

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A man's shoe size can tell a lot about his penis size

Nope, the length of a man's penis has no correlation with his shoe size. In 2002, two London-based doctors carried out a study of 104 men. They measured their erect penises and their shoe size but found no statistically significant correlation. However, a South Korean study found the relative length of your ring finger to your index finger can predict the length of your penis. Curious to go do this experiment now?!

Women like them longer

Many of us have heard the phrase, ‘bigger is better’. But when it comes to the length of the penis, it might not be true after all. Studies have shown that women don't necessarily think a longer penis is better. Neither do they think that longer penises give them greater pleasure. In fact, most women attributed much more importance to the girth or the width of the penis.

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All men are proud of their penis size

You'd be surprised to hear how many men are unhappy with their sizes. The study mentioned above also found out that while 85 per cent of women are happy with their partner's penis size, only 55 per cent of men are happy with theirs. Also, the ‘small penis syndrome’ or the ‘locker room syndrome’ is more common among men with normal penis sizes and has more to do with their psychology than physiology.

You can increase your penis size without surgery

No you can't. We know that breaks a lot of male hearts and aspirations, but the fact is penile size cannot be increased without surgery. While there are a lot of people out there trying to sell you all kinds of products – pills, pumps, patches, creams, gels, sprays and stretchers – most of it is hocus pocus. And experts say that is because the penis is made of spongy tissue which cannot be lengthened or stretched. Even surgeries offer only a marginal increase in size.


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Hi there, what satisfies women is stimulation of the clitoris, which has nothing to do with penis length or ejaculation. Girth, or how wide a penis is, however, can be rather important for a woman's pleasure.
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