Vegetables resembling penises in all kinds of shapes and sizes
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Penis shapes and sizes

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. And they all look different: straight, curved, long, thick, thin, circumcised, uncircumcised. One is no better than the other.
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When soft, a penis is usually between 6 and 13 centimetres long. An erect one is usually somewhere between 7 and 17 centimetres long. The average erect penis is about 12 centimetres. Smaller penises grow more in size when they become erect compared to large penises.

Some boys and men joke a lot about the size of their penis or other people's penises. It’s often because they feel insecure, or because they want to look tough, or they want to make up for lack of knowledge.

If you want to measure your penis, do it when it’s erect, on the top side – the side closest to your belly.

Bananas in different sizes and shapes arranged vertically

Does size matter?

If you have a bigger penis, it doesn’t make you a better lover, and it doesn’t mean you’ll have better sex.

Girls or women find foreplay, affection and relationship satisfaction as important as their partner’s penis size.

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Do condoms come in different sizes?

Yes. When you buy condoms, it’s important to find ones that fit you. Most condoms are made to fit average erect penis sizes (4.7 to 5.9 inches/12 to 17centimetres).

Different condoms in different shapes and sizes

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Do people from some ethnic groups have larger penises than others?

There is no conclusive evidence to prove that certain ethnic groups have larger penises than others.

However, some organisations such as the World Health Organization’s have reported slight ethnic differences in average erect penis size that men of:

  •     African descent have slightly longer and wider penises
  •     European descent have medium-sized penises
  •     Asian descent have slightly narrower and shorter penises

Can you tell the length of someone’s penis by the size of his hands or feet?

No. There is no relationship between having a bigger shoe size or larger hands and having a larger penis.

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Can you make a penis bigger in length or width?

There are no non-surgical techniques that can permanently make a penis bigger.

Other penis enlargement products like pills, weights, and stretching devices don’t usually work in the long term. At worst they can be very dangerous to your health.

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What is a micropenis?

A micropenis is a penis that measures less than 2.75 inches/7centimetres in length when erect. It happens if the level of the male hormone testosterone is too low when the baby is developing in the womb. Most boys and men who are worried they have a micropenis and who see a doctor don’t actually have the condition.


Most often, the penis looks smaller than it really is because it’s hidden by fat around the genitals. In other cases, if a boy has not reached puberty just yet, his penis may appear smaller compared to his body size. This is not something to worry about, because once puberty starts, the penis will also grow in length and width.

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Hi Jose, are you asking how many times partners should have sex to be satisfied? Different people enjoy different things and for this reason it is important for one to talk with their partner to get to know what they like and enjoy during sex. As you think about how many times, do also consider the quality of sex so that quality sex as defined by you and your partner is part of your experience. Have a look at the following articles for additional tips;-

Hello Ivan, There is no permanent way to enlarge your penis other than surgery. Most of the methods advertised will not provide permanent results. Check out the following article for additional information:-
My girlfriend infected me with gonnorrhea or syphillis which was treated by herbal medical then i lost my power. I cant have sex and my balls are shrinking what can i do

Hi Daniel, did you get tested to get to know what exactly she infected you with? It is difficult to know what exactly the effect of the herbal medicine was. I suggest you visit a medical centre where tests will be conducted to determine what exactly Sexually Transmitted Infection you may have and the correct treatment will then be prescribed. It may also be useful to encourage your girlfriend to get treatment as well to avoid reinfection just incase you are still together. Check out the following article;-

This is a very good question and a very common one as well. So, do not worry, you are not alone. There are some remedies that could help you last a little longer. However, if you have premature ejaculation, you should go see  doctor.
One option is the stop-start method used to treat premature ejaculation but can also help a person last longer. This technique calls for the man to have sex or masturbate until you almost cum and then stop. When you’re about to climax, stop and squeeze right below the head of your penis. Apply firm pressure on the tube running underneath your penis. This will push blood out of the penis and momentarily decreases sexual tension, calming your ejaculatory response.This should be repeated many times.
Another remedy is to engage in sex styles that do not stimulate the underside of the penis like spooning and reverse cowgirl. You could also masturbate before having sex.

Hi Santois, There is no permanent way to enlarge your penis other than surgery. Check out the following article for additional information:-
Hello Dennoh, First these two are different: Erectile Dysfunction is when one is unable to get or maintain an erection form enough for intercourse to happen while Premature Ejaculation is when one ejaculates sooner that they want to. The first place to start would to get to know what is causing this before moving on to solution or the cure as you have asked. Check pout the following articles that provide comprehensive information on what to do in either situation.
1:Do physical exercises-running being the most dominant in ur timetable.This creates endurance and helps in blood flow.(most people overlook this fact) 2:Eat some protein rich food and lots of juicy fruits-watermelon leading.juicy fruits are known to increase the amount of ejaculation.
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When I was circumcised was miss handled in that when I pee urine comes out in large amount like that of the hole at the head ruptured. Is there a way I can rectify this am not comfortable.
Hi Robert, So sorry about this. You may need to visit a specialist, to see whether this can be reversed. You can start with a general Doctor who will advice and perhaps refer you for the specialized treatment. We wish you well.
My penis has no fat meaning it is not thick how do i go aboutthis and rectify it? And it is not long probably 5 inches when erect pls help and again i have fat deposits in my thighs and buttocks.
Hi Kev, Unfortunately there is not much you can do to increase the size of your penis other than surgery and 5 inches is well within what is the average size. As for the fat deposits you may want to begin by exercising and checking what you eat. Check out the following article;-
Hey Jean, The sound coming from the vagina is as a result of air that maybe trapped in the vagina from the penis in and out movement. If it bothers you try a different position but frankly sex is never quiet so you shouldn't be bothered just enjoy your experience.
Yes a person with a micro-penis can satisfy their partner. Remember, the penis is not the only part involved in sex. Also, most women will not get an orgasm from intercourse only which does not give adequate attention to the clitoris which is one of the most sensitive parts. Check out this article;-

Hello Anonymous, thank you for reaching out and asking a great question. Anal sex is perfectly fine to participate in as long as you and your partner are okay with it. Click here to find out more:

Have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe! 

Ps. Click on this link to find out more on information on facts about anal sex:

I have a problem that I can't do without having a sex a night. I have never used any medic will that ruin my life as was told by others after i shared my problems with them
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