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The biggest sex myths: busted

Sex is considered a taboo subject, and because of that, a lot of myths tend to fly around. Some hilarious, some downright outrageous, others borderline accurate.

Some of these myths serve like heirlooms: they pass from one generation to the next just because people shy away from openly talking about one of life’s most natural acts. We asked a few people about the sex myths they grew up hearing and believing.

It’s amazing what kind of tall tales we tell each other.

  1. Bootymeter

    Growing up, we always believed that the broader a woman’s hips and the larger her butt, the more fertile she was. I have no scientific evidence of this, but there may be some truth to it. I don’t quite understand the logic; but I won’t lie, it did and does affect my general outlook of women. I find myself drawn to more endowed women. It’s really more about how much more I can hold and feel *chuckles*.

    Brian, Businessman


  2. The erect defect

    I know it is ridiculous, and it amazes me that I still hear this myth every time I visit schools to talk to girls.
    I used to believe that if you had sex standing up you wouldn’t get pregnant. In my head, I thought semen can’t defy gravity. I had heard it from my first boyfriend; it was his way of coercion. At the time, we were only worried about getting pregnant. No parent said they wouldn’t pay your school fees if you got HIV or chlamydia.

    Margaret, Accountant


  3. Finger cock blocking

    Virginity was something that was a big deal growing up. It always baffled me: girls were meant to be virgins and boys should have experience. How is that even logical? We were a group of friends who genuinely wanted to wait and give our virginity to our husbands on our wedding nights. But the sexual tension was real, so we heard something we thought could work: if you masturbated frequently, you would stay a virgin.
    Lies! We did masturbate. It did work for a while. But soon, one by one, we gave in to the building sexual tensions.  

    Kendi, Architect


  4. Cherry popping monster

    I was petrified about sex. The penis was completely unappealing to me. I knew that the first time would be painful. Pain in that area; no thank you! My first boyfriend had it rough; there were times I would be ready but when he would try, I would quickly snap my legs together. This went on for several years. I think it was my fifth boyfriend who finally eased me into it. There wasn’t any pain at all. I genuinely enjoyed my first time. Needless to say, boyfriend #5 and I are now happily married and have a child. The myth was all scare tactic.

    Caroline, Brand Manager


  5. The bigger the better

    In school, boys used to do dumb stuff, like have a masturbation competition in the bathroom. The aim, no pun intended, was to see who would orgasm first. I have no idea why people did it. I was a late bloomer; most boys had broken their voice, had some hair, while I was still bare as a baby and shorter than most. Guys would talk about their sexual experiences and how girls like larger penises because it made sex better. During those bathroom competitions, I saw how much larger my classmates were. I was insecure about it for some time. With time and dating, I learnt that everyone has their own preference.

    And that bigger doesn’t mean better. 

    Paul, IT Manager

    Do you know any sex myths? Share them below or on Facebook. For any questions, head to our discussion board.


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