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How healthy is sex?

Yes, sex is very good for you. But it’s perhaps not so good for the planet. But you can make a difference! And a new bicycle seat cover may be part of the solution! These news flashes and more in this week’s ‘Sex in the Press’.

Sex good

Is sex good for you? ‘The answer is a big, loud, bed-shaking, “Yeah, baby!”’ according to ‘Six ways getting horizontal makes you healthy’.

Sex is good for your heart, improves sleep, increases happiness, decreases the risk of prostate cancer, heightens creativity and cooperation, makes you look younger, relieves stress, etcetera, etcetera.

A recent study even says ‘Orgasms are better for brains than crosswords’ – thanks to the full head rush of oxygen and neural nutrients that comes with coming.

Save the planet

But sex sucks for the planet, says Professor John Guillebaud in his TEDx talk ‘Is sex the most dangerous human activity, to all life on Earth?

Each year, sex is responsible for pumping out a Germany or Egypt worth of people – 80 million pairs of carbon footprints.

Meanwhile, ‘we are approaching a ‘perfect storm’ of population growth, climate change, and peak oil, leading inexorably to more food, water and energy insecurity.’

We must bust through the taboo of talking about overpopulation, according to Guillebaud. Establishing voluntary and accessible family planning ‘within a human rights-based framework’ is the most obvious way to help save the world. It would also be life-saving for many of the 1000 mothers who die every hour worldwide ‘through a pregnancy they didn’t want.’

And it works. Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Iran, Korea, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and South India have all stabilised their population growth through education and voluntary family planning services – and not through the more coercive approach used by China with their ‘one-child policy’.

‘There is no major problem facing our planet that would not be easier to solve with fewer people, or harder – and ultimately impossible – with ever more,’  says Sir David Attenborough.

‘Pelvic thrusts are a must’

In other depressing news, sex does not burn as many calories as previously thought, according to ‘How much sex is considered exercise?’.

With the average act lasting only six minutes, sex is usually too short to make you skinny. Even when you manage to stretch it out for an hour, sex will generally burn no more than 200 calories.
But there are ways to approach sex that will help make you fitter. For example, using morning sex as a warm-up for a proper morning work-out. Or by eating more ‘endurance-boosting foods such as ‘figs, oysters, celery, blueberries, peanuts, bananas, garlic and even chocolate’.  Or by changing your positions more frequently and vigorously.

Or you can ‘engage your core at all times while having sex.’

Positions such as ‘Doggie Style’, ‘The Bends’, ‘The Cat’, ‘Scissoring’, ‘The Ballet Dancer’ and ‘Crab Walker’ are particularly good at engaging the core, according to ‘Sex positions that exercise different muscle groups’.

A very green solution

Or one can choose to combine one’s exercise regime with a form of sexual activity.

For example, the Happy Ride is a “bicycle seat cover with a discreet, high-powered vibrator tucked inside […] and comes with an attached remote control so you can adjust the vibration speed to your liking,” according to ‘Your vagina and your bike’.

Just think: by biking and masturbating more, you’ll not only get healthier, but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Are there other win-win ways to combine sex with saving the planet? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on Facebook.

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  1. how does sex reduces prostate
    how does sex reduces prostate cancer ?

    1. Lupita,

      click on the link in the article to see the piece it’s referring to

  2. wat of doing one style of
    wat of doing one style of sex…iz it healthy, ???

    1. One, or many- it doesn’t
      One, or many- it doesn’t really matter.

  3. how can one masturbate with a
    how can one masturbate with a small and short penis and masturbating as a single is it healthy or not

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      penis size has nothing to do with your ability to masturbate. Do whatever feels good and arouses you.
      And, whether you are single or in a relationship, masturbation is a normal part of a healthy sex life.

  4. What of thoz who stay 6
    What of thoz who stay 6 months?is it risky?

    1. Who stay 6 months doing what,
      Who stay 6 months doing what, being without sex?

  5. Its now one year n i have not
    Its now one year n i have not engeged in sex ever since my fiancee died,can i develop any health problem because i cant engage in sex minus the man i love??

    1. Emilliy,

      we are so sorry for your loss.
      And don’t worry, you won’t develop health problems if you don’t have sex. Give yourself time to heal, until you find someone you want to have sex with again.

  6. Pliz help my friend used to
    Pliz help my friend used to masturbate and he ask me whether he will fertilise a woman?

    1. Hi Earnest,

      Hi Earnest,
      absolutely! Masturbation will not affect your fertility at all.

  7. How can i convince a girl
    How can i convince a girl whom doesnt talk to me even if i approach her though i need her.

    1. Hey there,

      Hey there,
      Reaching out to people that you are attracted to can be difficult because of the fear of being rejected. However, they are no different than how would approach a friend, family or other person. The initial hello and coming up with small talk is the same idea except the person is front of you is attractive.

      The best way to do this when you are nervous is to talk to people who share interest. Do they go to school with you? Are they working? Did you meet them at the movies? This way there is already a commonality between you an it gives you the first conversation topic. Find other people who like what you like and try to mingle from there.

      Otherwise, just be honest. Tell them who you are, why you approached the (they said something smart, they like the same team, you find them beautiful etc) and then build the conversation from there. Tell them about yourself, and ask questions about them. You are attracted to them and ideally as you learn more about them you will become interested in them.

      Everyone has nerves and the girls know that. They will be flattered that you even tried to reach out and talk.

  8. What are the side effect of
    What are the side effect of circumcision,does it reduce libido?because we always being told the positve side.

    1. Soera,

      firstly, ever surgical intervention, even small ones, has a risk of infection and other complications.
      Being circumcised can also reduce your sensation, making it more difficult to orgasm.
      There is definitely pros and cons to circumcision.

  9. where can someone get treated
    where can someone get treated for premature enjecuration or which type of medicine are requred please?? . And please what could be the problem i cant use codom coz when i put it my pennis suddenly go’s off.

  10. My dick is small, does it
    My dick is small, does it really if it does, how best can I have it’s size enhanced which ever way, is it can the size be increased?

    1. What I am hearing from you is
      What I am hearing from you is that you are uneasy about your penis size and that you are worried that your partners aren’t enjoying physical pleasure and your looking for tricks to please your partner. First it is important to acknowledge that size is relative. Everyone body is different and both penises and vaginas range in sizes. What might be big for one woman is small for anther. So don’t worry to much about the size but they way you work with your partner. Communication leads to the best sex!

      Enjoyment comes from experimenting and communication. Try new things, tell your partner what feels nice and what doesn’t. Take time to pay attention to their body and find the special spots that they love. But most of all have fun.

      Here is some information on penis sizes and enlargement:





  11. I masturbate almost every day
    I masturbate almost every day,what are the effects

    1. Masturbation is a normal part
      Masturbation is a normal part of a healthy sex life, and even if you do it every day, there won’t be negative effects on your body.

  12. I am always sick becos of
    I am always sick becos of mesturbation hw can i avoid it

    1. Khaleed,

      masturbation doesn’t make people sick, are you sure it’s not being caused by something else? Have you seen a doctor?

  13. Is watching porn while
    Is watching porn while musterbating has negative effects

    1. Sammie Scientifically there
      Sammie Scientifically there is nothing wrong with masturbating. So porn is also not bad as long as one does not get addicted to it.

  14. Have never had sex before and
    Have never had sex before and have never have a girlfriend and am 25 yrs now. Does this have any health effect on me. Pliz help

    1. There’s nothing wrong with
      There’s nothing wrong with you Joseph, that’s totally normal. You will get a girlfriend when you are ready.

  15. My partner says my dick pains
    My partner says my dick pains her.she was operated for his baby boy 2 years ago.what is with her

  16. How does circumcison reduce
    How does circumcison reduce the risks caused by HIV/AIDS to the youth?

    1. According to some research,
      According to some research, circumcised men have a lower risk of:
      Urinary tract infections

      This may be because a foreskin provides a moist environment where germs are more likely to grow.

      With a circumcised penis, the head may be less sensitive, so the man can go on longer during intercourse before ejaculating. For some men, this can be a bonus.

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