Aphrodisiacs: Top Five Facts

Aphrodisiacs: top five facts

Claims have always been made that certain foods can raise your sexual desire. How does it work though? Which foods are best? Love Matters explores the facts behind aphrodisiacs.

  1. What are aphrodisiacs?

    Aphrodisiacs are any food or drink that stimulate your appetite for love-making. This means that the food you consume can have a direct effect on your sex life. While some of the myths around aphrodisiac foods centre around their shape and appearances, others are known to trigger pleasure centres in the brain.

  2. What are the types of aphrodisiacs?

    There are different reasons why certain foods are regarded as aphrodisiacs. So foods that create warmth like chilli and curry, foods that look like male or female sexual organs such as oysters and carrots. Eggs are always believed to be aphrodisiacs as they are reproductive organs. Also, food like chocolate which is pleasurable to smell, taste and touch is also an aphrodisiac.

    Other well-known aphrodisiacs are avocados, bananas, garlic, figs, honey, red wine, and pomegranates as well as asparagus and artichokes among others are said to increase blood flow to the brain and will give you and your partner a happy feeling.

  3. Do aphrodisiacs really raise sexual desire?

    Aphrodisiacs may have to do with myths and legends than with actual science. However, do not dismiss the psychological effects of believing a food item can stimulate your appetite for making love. The power of imagination can have a significant impact on believing that something you eat can increase your sexual libido. If feeding chocolate-dipped strawberries to your partner makes you feel erotic, then go for it! Just don’t expect it to have magical properties.

  4. How does food help you in bed?

    While there’s no scientific reasoning behind food increasing sexual desire, it can still help in the bedroom. A healthy diet will lead to higher energy levels and help you keep your sex life thrilling for the both of you.

  5. Are aphrodisiacs a must to keep my sex life exciting?

    If aphrodisiacs are not for you, you can always fall back on the classics such as kissing. Kissing is very erotic and just spending some time together and remembering your earliest memories as a couple can act as an aphrodisiac. Similarly, you can spice up your surroundings by lighting some candles around the room. Flickering lights are always very romantic. You can also try wearing something red, which has an exciting element to it. Playing some romantic music can also get you and your partner in the mood.

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  2. Heavy meal made up of starch
    Heavy meal made up of starch n alot of proteins + wine works wonders

    1. Aren’t you feeling sleepy
      Aren’t you feeling sleepy after a heavy meal?

    1. Give it a try and let us know
      Give it a try and let us know 🙂

  3. What are more food we can
    What are more food we can take

    1. Someone in the comments
      Someone in the comments suggested watermelon, give that a try!

  4. Very romantic it helps mi,cos
    Very romantic it helps mi,cos whenevr i am wth him i defenetry fl nthng en beeng out of mood

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      not sure if the food will help with this.
      Do you feel like this about sex in general?

    1. Give it a try and let us know
      Give it a try and let us know!

  5. I lyk the page,coz I learn
    I lyk the page,coz I learn more thngs thea

    1. That’s great to hear!
      That’s great to hear!

  6. Yorghut ya strawberry
    Yorghut ya strawberry

    1. What exactly do you mean
      What exactly do you mean Dennis. Kindly clarify.

  7. these really work??? I will…
    these really work??? I will start to use them and give my experience here.

    1. Hey Eve, we shall be waiting…

      Hey Eve, we shall be waiting to hear about your experience. 

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