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Noisy sex: why women moan and scream in bed

By Sarah Moses March 9, 01:00 am
When do women make most noise during sex? When they’re having an orgasm? Or when their man is about to come? Brace yourself for the truth!

Why do some women literally scream and shout in bed?

Great lover, orgasms, or something else?

Guys, maybe you think that she’s moaning and screaming because you’re such a great lover – you’re pounding away inside her, she’s having a mind-blowing orgasm. Sorry, think again. That’s not why women are so noisy in bed, according to the findings of a British study. Over 85 per cent of women make lots of noise simply to boost their partner’s sex self-esteem, the study found.

The researchers asked over 70 heterosexual women whether they were more likely to reach orgasm during masturbation, foreplay, or intercourse. They also wanted to know how noisy the women were during these different sexual activities and the reasons why.

All of the women in the study said they made noise in bed, whether it was screaming out their partner’s name, telling him to go faster or harder, or moaning with pleasure. But the researchers were in for a surprise when they compared how noisy women were when they reached orgasm.

The women were more likely to climax during foreplay – like when their partner gave them oral sex – compared to intercourse. And it wasn’t when they were coming that they were most likely to make noise.

Stroking his ego

When it comes to moaning and screaming, they made a lot more noise when they were having sex, right before and during their partner’s orgasm. Yes, the reason most women make noise in bed is to turn on their partner. In fact, almost 80 per cent said they make noise even when they know there’s no chance they’re going to reach orgasm themselves.

All that hollering is mainly to stroke their guy’s ego. It doesn’t necessarily mean a girl’s in ecstasy. In fact, it could mean just the opposite. Women also say that moans and screams are one way to hurry sex along when you’re not particularly enjoying it.

Yup, women can and do use their voice to control how their guy feels during sex and when he climaxes, the researchers conclude.

And why do they do it? To ‘manipulate male behaviour to their advantage’.

Boosting her guy’s sex self-esteem by making lots of noise could help strengthen the bond between a woman and her partner, the researchers hypothesise. But there’s also the advantage of speeding up a guy’s orgasm if she’s in pain, just plain bored, or ready to roll over and go to sleep.

Subtle signs

So guys, if you really want to please her, don’t go by the big performance, look for the subtle signs of ecstasy. And girls, nice of you to cheer him on like that, but don’t forget to show and tell what really makes you go wild...

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Hezron Maranga
Sun, 05/12/2019 - 10:49 pm
Am married 4 3yrs bt since my yf gave birth she has never felt wet during sex.she is always having virginal-dryness.can u help me please it's destracting my marriage

Hi Hezron, sex is not the same after childbirth. There is a difference like you are experiencing and in some cases the sex drive of your partner will also change. It is important to talk about what is going on to be able to rediscover each other and what works following the changes. In the mean time however, try supplement by using lubricants that will help make sex enjoyable for you and your wife. Have a look at the following article for additional information;- 



Mali malonz
Mon, 05/13/2019 - 04:10 am
So do you wanna tell as that all women who cries are feeling the sex orgasm, boosting their partners, what of the pain? How can I know that my woman is crying the pain ?

Hey Mali, pain can be another reason for the screaming or noise and this is why it is important to check with your partner what the noise ids about. To get to know, talk with your partner. Have a look at the following articles for additional information;- 



Sun, 05/26/2019 - 08:19 am
I think this research is full of holes. Ive had sex with women who arent making a single sound. it gets a bit boring. But i had sex with women who cant control themselves. Even when we fuck places we should be quiet. . Toilet at dinner partys when the husband is one floor down. they starting to scream wildly so u have to put your hand in their mouth so it dont end in divorce. and some girlsgoes into another dimension during anal sex. squirting 40 times until tey have no voice left. dont tell me thats too boost my ego. but fake screaming you notice almost the first minute. just noise. theres a difference. your article is very thin and like a half done study. of course in these days. men cant give women a full time pleasure. Where dildos with legs and women control the sexual act. both physical and mentally. i call it a bullshit study with a capital B
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