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What is love?

How do you define love? This is a simple question with infinite answers.

Talk about the hardest question of them all. I think all of humanity has grappled with this question and we see related ramblings everywhere we look: cave walls, poems, songs, books, and chapters in the Bible. So here is my attempt at answering this…

Different types of love

There are different kinds of love, the most obvious being what we feel for our family. It sits there quietly, informing our choices in behaviour, giving birth to kindness, loyalty, affection, protectiveness, and all manner of other feel-good things. I think what we feel for friends is another version of this.

Then there is the big life-altering, rationality-erasing, all-consuming kind of love. This is the one that has us, as the human race, baffled.

When we are in love, we think about the object of our affection constantly and the smallest of their actions can make or break our day and mood.

Everything they touch seems iridescent – what they wear, what they drive, etc. And so when they touch us, we too are iridescent. This love is loud; it does not sit anywhere quietly. It declares its presence even when we think we are being smooth and subtle. We crave our beloved’s attention, affection and physical presence. If we do not have it, we can become obsessed. And god forbid, if we get rejected we then can go raving mad.

Love helps you grow

I am truly a romantic because I believe loving other people makes us better people, and that our true romantic partners make us bigger and better versions of ourselves. Having another person in your life who believes in you and actively pursues what is best for you is, I believe, what God meant romantic love to be about.

I hope I have answered your question and I hope you find love.

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  1. Love is a feeling of
    Love is a feeling of affection towards someone.

    1. Hi Frank,

      Hi Frank,
      thanks for your comment and your input!

      1. What will you do to show her…
        What will you do to show her that you love her

        1. Hi Olisaemeka, Love presents…

          Hi Olisaemeka, Love presents in different ways. We all have love Languages. These are ways in which we express love for our loved ones. These love languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

          This article has more information on these love languages and how they present. Go through it and let us know if you still have any questions.


      1. Yes indeed Fathima! 🙂

        Yes indeed Fathima! 🙂

  2. I am 19 and i think i just…
    I am 19 and i think i just dont have interest in girls. I feel self sufficient,is this really normal ??

    1. Hey Larry, this is normal…

      Hey Larry, this is normal especially because you are aware of it. It may just mean that you are focused on other things at the moment, a relationship is not your priority. This is completely normal, it however doesn’t mean that in future you will not be interested in a relationship. 

  3. Do we choose love or love…
    Do we choose love or love chooses?

    1. Hey John, interesting…

      Hey John, interesting question. Different people have different experiences, they were not looking for love and they found it or it found them while others go out to actively look for it. This can therefore it be either depending with a person’s experience. 

  4. love is a feeling of…
    love is a feeling of affection you have for someone

    1. but what cauase love end…
      but what cauase love end without reson

  5. how will you know that…
    how will you know that someone loves you

    1. Hey Joy, you could begin by…

      Hey Joy, you could begin by asking the exactly how they feel toward you. Also, by spending time with them you can observe how they treat you and this will help tell if they love you. One of the signs may include what the person share with you. Do they share deep feelings? When they talk about the future do they include you in their future and do they always what to spend lots of alone time with you and saying goodbye is always hard? It is however important to talk with them to get to know what their actions mean to avoid misinterpreting those actions. 

  6. What is love into and…
    What is love into and dactindin by love

    1. Hi Mwass, Love is an intense…

      Hi Mwass, Love is an intense feeling of deep affection towards another person.  Love is warm, it is kind and patient. Love is forgiving. Love is a feeling of a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.


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