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What to do if dating someone with a disability

If you aren’t disabled yourself and you haven’t spent much time with people with disabilities, it may be confusing to find yourself attracted to or in love with a disabled person. But don’t let the feeling of awkwardness get in the way of what could become an amazing relationship!

If you feel awkward, remember that it’s not because of the other person’s disability – it’s just because you’re not used to being around people with disabilities. But remember:

  • The disability is not the person. It’s just one part of who they are.
  • As in any relationship, communication is central. Do they feel attracted to you? Do they want to kiss, hold hands, or have sex? You have to ask to find out!
  • Don’t assume that a disabled person is ‘lucky’ to be with you.
  • Dating someone with a disability doesn’t mean you’ll have to ‘take care of them.’ They’re probably used to looking after themselves.
  • Dating someone with a disability doesn’t mean you’re missing out on anything. You can still have a great sex life, and you can still have adventures together. Sometimes you may need to be a bit more creative, but that’s part of any relationship.
  • A disabled person is not void of sexual desire and wants to be loved and touched like anyone else.

Have you ever dated someone with a disability? If yes, what other tips can you give?

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