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How do I know if she loves me?

By Chris Hart January 23, 06:00 am
'What signs should I look for to find out if a girl really loves me?'

It’s all about the way she behaves! You can’t ever really be sure about what people say, but their behaviour always tells you the truth.

Maybe you’re wondering whether a girl in your group is falling for you?

You’ll notice that she remembers what you say. And looks for excuses to talk to you, or text you. Often she’s the one who starts the conversation, perhaps for no apparent reason. And if you text, she replies quickly. She’s probably also stalking you on Facebook.

You keep ‘accidentally’ bumping into her, because she’s started hanging out wherever you usually go. Maybe she’s happy to leave her friends to be alone with you? When you’re together, she doesn’t mess with her phone. Her eyes are always on you, and she’s considerate towards you. Maybe giving you small gifts if you happened to mention you need something. She cancels plans to fit in with yours, is nicer to your friends, and tries her best to sit near you. Then you’re sort of dating already, without admitting it!

She probably seems a little nervous when she’s around you, and might seem a little jealous when you talk with your friends.

When you’re nearby, she probably starts playing with her clothes or hair. Sitting next to you, she moves closer to you and maybe lightly touch your hand or arm. She mirrors your movements, and use gestures or words you’ve used.

She smiles when there’s no good reason, and even laughs at your worst jokes.

All those behaviours will continue once you start dating. But pretty soon, she’ll also start wanting to talk about your relationship. She’ll want to be sure that your dating really means something, as opposed to just hanging out. She’ll want to know that you two are an item - and will make it clear she doesn’t want to see you with anyone else.

She’ll soon want to be spending a lot of time with you, doing ordinary everyday things. She wants to feel how life will be once you’re married. You’ll notice that she now cares a lot about you. Worrying if you’re ill, and wanting you to be comfortable and well fed.

Soon she’ll start talking about the future. Your plans. Hers. Money. Jobs. Your families. Children. Through that, she’s telling you she’s expecting a proposal! So don’t mess about. Make your mind up. And get down on your knees!

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