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How do I masturbate my girlfriend?

By Valentine Njoroge August 29, 06:00 am
My girlfriend wants me to masturbate her to orgasm. How do I do that? This happens to be a question that Valentine loves to answer!

What a great question! And I love your attitude – she wants it done, you don’t know how, and you are asking questions.

Ask her

She is the best person to ask. She has had her body for years and if she is making this request, it’s safe to assume that she has already successfully masturbated to orgasm. Each woman’s body responds differently and she is your best coach.

Instead of asking for instructions, I suggest a combination of her demonstrating what she does when she is flying solo and giving you directions when you take the reins.

Just in case she is too shy, or you do not want to ask for directions in the heat of the moment, here are some ideas on where to start:

  1. The clitoris (also called the little man in the boat)
    Run your finger between her labia and down toward the entrance of her vagina. You should feel a little button along the way as your partner gets turned on, it will get hard and the hood that covers it will recede. Lick it, flick it, touch it lightly, or gently roll your forefinger around it… let her moans tell you what works.
  2. U-spot
    So the point where a woman urinates from is surrounded by erectile tissue, just above it and on either side. The U-spot’s erotic potential is well known to our Ugandan neighbours. Their men are taught how to gently caress it with the tip of their penises.
    They call it kakyabali [pronounced kah-chah-vah-li].
  3. A-spot
    This is the equivalent of the male prostate and is situated at the very end of the vaginal canal, near the cervix. Direct stimulation of this spot with your fingers can produce violent orgasmic contractions.

Good luck and congratulations on this great new addition to your sex life!

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If gets to a point of addiction, it's very, I repeat very hard to vacate from the behavior,.my advice, it's addictive and you can end up tearing your tissues trying to pressured yourself to have the best feeling, I mean after getting used
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