Oral sex: do's and don'ts

Oral sex: do's and don'ts

By Steph Haase April 25, 04:17 am
Oral sex is fun -- on it’s own or as part of foreplay. It makes some women reach an orgasm easier than during intercourse. And there are few men who don't enjoy getting head. Want to give it a try? Just stick to these do's and don'ts!
…take a shower first

Some people say they don’t like the idea of oral sex because it doesn’t seem hygienic. And yes, the idea of going down on someone who hasn't had a bath or shower in weeks is kind of gross. But honestly, where does this happen? If you and your partner shower regularly, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

And if you are still not sure: start by taking a bath together or catch your partner on the way out of the shower. Can't get any cleaner than that!

... vary your technique

Oral sex is all about licking and sucking. But there are many different ways to lick and suck! You can do it gently or a bit rougher, slowly and teasingly or faster. You can focus just on the tip of the penis or the clitoris, or on the entire area.

Let your tongue flutter or stroke evenly. You can even nibble very gently. Or suck on a man's testicles. Or use your hands and fingers as well.

If your partner is about to have an orgasm, keep doing what you are doing. Abruptly changing your technique can be a real turn-off.

There aren't any limits to oral sex, as long as your partner and yourself are enjoying what you are doing. And you will hear and see if they are enjoying it!

... try 69

Position 69 is also called simultaneous oral sex, which means you and your partner are pleasuring each other at the same time. It can be a huge turn-on, if you pay attention to a few things.

The easiest way to do it is her on all fours, facing his feet, while he is lying on his back. And then get to it! Do give back though – if your partner is hitting all the right spots, it can be hard to remember that the 69 is all about the give and take. But don't be concerned if it gets too exciting to focus on two things at once – your hands and fingers can take over for a while!

One warning for the ladies: if you are about to orgasm, your mouth needs to let go of his penis. Otherwise, your steamy night could end at the emergency room!

… forget to use protection

Michael Douglas and his claim that he got throat cancer because of oral sex and HPV made the headlines lately. But that’s pretty unlikely. Living a healthy life and having a functional immune system mean there is little risk of getting cancer from oral sex, experts say.

That said, there is a chance of getting STDs through oral sex. By using a condoms on a man or a dental dam on a woman, you can make oral sex safe. And safe is more enjoyable because you don't have to worry about getting an STD!

... do it if you don't want to

If you’re not into oral sex, that's fine. Don't do it then. Don't force yourself to do it, just because your partner likes, or worse, demands it. Oral sex is only fun if both partners enjoy it.

So if you say 'no', your partner should accept that. And the other way around.

If not getting oral sex is a big issue for one of you, take some time away from the bedroom and talk about it. Try to find out why it's such a turn-off and see if there's anything the two of you can do together to make it enjoyable.

One word of advice though: it's not fair to refuse to give your partner oral pleasure if you want them to go down on you.

... believe the myths

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about oral sex. But if you use protection, there's nothing you should fear. You can't get pregnant or have irregular periods from oral sex, and no, sperm is not a natural teeth whitener. Funnily enough, some people also say that oral sex can't give you orgasms. They have clearly never tried it!

And lastly, swallowing some condom lubricant while giving safe oral sex is also nothing to worry about, it's not unhealthy. You can even make it more enjoyable by using flavored condoms.


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