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Does masturbation cause infertility?

By Valentine Njoroge June 23, 11:13 am
I enjoy masturbation, but I'm afraid I won't be able to father a child if I keep it up. Is this a real risk? 'MYTH!', cries Valentine.

No difference between masturbation and sex

Masturbation is the manual manipulation of your genitals until you achieve an orgasm. You can do it yourself or a partner can do it for you. The mechanics that lead to the orgasm are different from intercourse, but the orgasm happens in the exact same way as with intercourse: you ejaculate.

Your body makes sperm consistently and throughout your life, which is why men can continue to conceive children well into old age.

Constant sperm production

Sperm cells are made in your testes (balls) and then moved up into your pelvis and into the seminal vesicles where they are stored and mixed with seminal fluid. The seminal fluid has sugar and provides a nice alkaline environment for the sperm to live in as they swim through a woman’s acidic reproductive system to the egg which one of them will fertilise.

Most men produce about 12 billion sperm per month and about 300 million of these are ejaculated in each load. Easy arithmetic shows you would have to be very dedicated to ejaculate all the sperm that you produce.

What you do not ejaculate is broken down by your body and the components are used to make new sperm.

Masturbation myths

Society has used all manner of lies to dissuade us from masturbating – from 'You will go blind' to 'You will grow hair in your palms'.

I believe that the only people who do not masturbate are those with short arms. Masturbation will not prevent you from becoming a father.

However, when you are trying to conceive, you might want to abstain from it just to make sure you ejaculate as many sperm cells as possible into your partner.

If you have sex multiple times per day for a few days, you will notice that your load is a lot lighter by the second and third day. This indicates that your supply is running low – but worry not, your body will always make more!

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Did you learn something new?

Hi Yogesh, First masturbation has no medical effect but if you feel it is getting in the way of you having productive life or even relationship it maybe be time to check it. This is a behavior that you learn and for this reason you can unlearn it. Think about what triggers this behavior and begin to avoid this, also think about what you are doing with your free time and find ways of filling this time with more productive activities. Lastly, take one day at time and even when you fail start over again. We wish you well.

Hello Magaya, thank you for reaching out to us. It is understandable that you would have all these feelings around masturbation. We grow up being told all sorts of things about what it does to our bodies and how it is bad for us. Ultimately, you make choices for yourself. Here at Love Matters, we maintain that there is nothing wrong with masturbation and there are no known medical adverse effects. What you feel is right or wrong is completely up to you and will determine how you interact with your sexuality. If you feel that watching porn is a trigger for you, then stop watching porn or try and avoid situations where you will find yourself watching porn.

Hi Samuel, 

The best way to stop is to focus your attention on other things that bring you joy. This can be work, hanging out with friends, going swimming, long walks etc. This way, you will be distracting your body and mind from thinking about masturbation. This may be hard at first but with time, it will become easier if you keep focusing on the goal which is to stop masturbating. If you find it hard to stop on your own, get a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist who specializes in sexual health. They should give you professional help. 

This is perfectly fine. If you are absolutely sure you want to stop, you should know that it will not be easy. This is because sex leads to the release of endorphins which is better known as the pleasure hormone. Second, masturbation has now become part of your arousal template which is the total amount of thoughts, activities, stimuli, smells etc. that arouse a person sexually.
To stop masturbating, you will need to identify the things that lead you to masturbate like seeing something, or just boredom. Also, when you get the urge to masturbate occupy yourself with another activity.
Please note that it could take you 21 days to 6 months to work on this and it might not work. If you are really committed, try and find a counselor or a therapist to help you through. Good luck!

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