Science reveals the sexiest dance moves
Carlos E. Santa Maria

Science reveals the sexiest dance moves

Why do women find Bien-Aime Baraza and Delvin Mudigi so hot? It’s probably not just the looks, but also their cool dance moves. Science reveals what makes some guys better dancers than others…

Dancing plays a part in romance in many countries around the world, especially Kenya. Just think of all those Naija or bongo flava moves at clubs. Music and dance is integral to having fun.

Whatever the dance of choice, there’s definitely something attractive about a guy whose got the moves. But what exactly makes a guy a good dancer? That’s exactly what a team of European researchers wanted to find out.

Big arms, fast legs

The team rounded up 19 men aged 18 to 35 and just under 40 women judges. They turned on a drumbeat and asked the guys to get their groove on for 30 seconds. Since they wanted to make sure the women weren’t judging the dancers based on things like their looks or the way they dressed, they created avatars for each guy. That’s when the women were brought in. Each judge watched clips of the avatars moving to the music and rated them for their dance skills.

The researchers then analysed the results for things like how fast the guys grooved to the music and whether they changed things up or stuck to the same moves. They also looked at how important different body parts were.

Guys who varied the way they moved their upper bodies were rated as more attractive dancers, the results revealed. Big movements also seemed to be the way to go.

But it’s not all about a dancer’s upper body. Women also dig a guy who knows how to move their legs on the dance floor – faster bends and twists were super sexy in the eyes of the study’s female judges. That answers why Sauti Sol became stars!

Sexy dance tips

What is it about a guy who can groove that’s so attractive? Skills on the dance floor could be a sign of manliness and tell women that the object of their desire is a good catch, say the researchers.

That’s definitely the case for animal species like birds where male courtship behaviour is really important. Small differences in the way a male moves could make or break his chances of getting with the gal he’s after.

So guys, if you’re looking to improve your dance skills, it’s all about changing things up when you move your head, neck, and chest, instead of repeating the same tired move over and over. Bigger is also better when it comes to your upper body, and faster is the way to go when you move your legs.

So the next time you’re on the dance floor, keep these tips in mind.


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Source: Male dance moves that catch a woman’s eye, Nick Neave, Kristofor McCarty, Jeanette Freynik, Nicholas Caplan, Johannes Hönekopp and Bernhard Fink


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