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Puberty: finding a trusted adult to talk to

Talking to an adult about the changes that develop as we step into puberty is not a walk to a park. However, it is a vital thing that we need to embrace and have as part of growth.

Once upon a time, adults were teenagers just like us, and therefore, as much as we feel scared to be vulnerable with them, they are best placed to help us transition into puberty with all the courage, shared values, and correct information to make informed choices.  

So how do I start talking to an adult? You start by identifying one. 

How do you identify a trusted adult?

The adult(s) should be people in your life that make you feel safe and listen to you. It could be your aunts, grandparents, older sibling, parents, teachers, caregivers, mentors, etc.

Choose someone you think is a good listener and won’t be judgmental. Someone you can trust and be vulnerably honest with. Narrow down to an adult you admire – someone you think you might like to grow up to be like one day. Importantly, it should be someone you respect and they respect you too.

I understand that sometimes you can feel that nobody understands you and this could be due to the emotional changes that are happening within you but still, it is critical to talk about it. For instance, an adult can help you cope with romantic feelings by sharing their experiences of how they managed them when they were your age.

Do you have someone in mind right now? Have you been talking to one?  Did you ever talk to an adult when you noticed some changes with you? Are you experiencing challenges finding the right adult?

Puberty can be an equally exciting and challenging time when both young people’s bodies and minds are going through a lot of changes. Having at least one trusted adult you can talk to about anything goes a long way in making the growth process easier and enjoyable.

Remember that you cannot talk to everyone because some adults are abusers and can take advantage of your situation. List down adults who make you feel safe.

Have you identified a trusted adult yet? Share your experience in the comments section

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