Ninja sex and female pleasure
Anna Jurkovska

Ninja sex and female pleasure

The joy of squirting … The taboo of female pleasure in Nigeria … Robot sex is better with pillow talk … An iTunes for blowjobs … These news flashes and more in this week’s Sex in the Press.

Female pleasure as taboo

‘It was a cultural taboo for a woman to ask for sexual gratification in Nigeria, until now,’ according to ‘Nigeria’s bedroom revolution – satisfying women’s demands’.

‘Despite being bombarded by sexually suggestive photos, explicit lyrics and raunchy dance moves in the media, many women are brought up with the socially conservative attitude that ‘good girls’ just do not talk about sex.’

‘But Iheoma Obibi is leading a mini-revolution in bedrooms in the West African nation.’

As the country’s first retailer of sexual health products and erotica, she originally needed police protection from conservative forces. Now business is officially booming.

‘Part of the problem we face in Nigeria and Africa generally, is that women are shy about negotiating their sexual pleasure,’ says Obibi. ‘What we are told is you have to save yourself for your marriage and be a virgin. When you marry, you are there to satisfy your husband.’

But with more women speaking out for their sexual fulfilment, some men are reacting with ‘suspicion, derision, anger and even sometimes disgust.’

‘Or it is a question of dented pride, not wanting to admit they have never quite hit the right spot with their wife or girlfriend?’

According to the earliest Taoist and Greek writings, ‘copious emissions’, ’liquid discharge’, and ‘seminal fluid’ were an expected and solicited aspect of women’s sexual functioning.

Learn to squirt!

Once upon a time, female squirting orgasms were respected – even celebrated, according to the delightfully detailed ‘The juicy history of squirting’.

‘According to the earliest Taoist and Greek writings, “copious emissions”, “liquid discharge”, and “seminal fluid” were an expected and solicited aspect of women’s sexual functioning. These documents sometimes even bullet point the order in which different types of wetness occur.’

But then online porn began to associate squirting’s dramatic splish-splash-sploosh with the often more discrete female ejaculation. Even though, these are two distinct events each create two chemically distinct liquids.

The liquid produced by squirting was also falsely said to be urine – which, in fact, is yet another chemically distinct liquid. But this association led many women to avoid having an orgasm to avoid any associated shame.

Within a decade, sex robots will have ‘ninja-like sex skills’…

Ninja sex and pillow talk

In other taboo news: ‘Most of us feel a little bit ‘icky’ about the idea of making love to the cold, lifeless body of a machine – but here’s something that might spur you on,’ according to

Sex with robots “will turn you into a master of lovemaking,” expert claims’.

Very expensive sex robots with fully functioning (female) genitalia will hit the market next year. Some say this is just the beginning.

Within a decade, sex robots will have ‘ninja-like sex skills’ and be able to engage in believable flirting and pillow talk.

‘We’re trying to create the desire to have sex beyond the physical,’ says the owner of RealDolls. ‘In order for people to find themselves attracted to the AI – she’s really funny, she makes me laugh, she has the same interests as me.’

BlowCast is ‘a virtual on-demand blowjob marketplace’.

Virtual blowjobs: arising issues 

Meanwhile to prepare yourself for the coming robot Summer of Love: ‘The ‘iTunes of blowjobs’ launched today’.

BlowCast is ‘a virtual on-demand blowjob marketplace’. Currently, it hosts 50 different blowjob simulations that were downloaded by cam girl models via a dildo.

‘This data is then uploaded to a repository on BlowCast and a user can select a blowjob based on the model and user reviews […] If a customer has the $250 dollars to spend on the sleeve, then they can access all of these blowjobs for free for the first 30 days. After that, all blowjobs will be available for a one-time fee of $1 each. […] When paired with a video feed, it simulates the experience of receiving a blowjob from that particular model.’

Unfortunately, some technical problems remain: a) It doesn’t resemble a real blowjob in any way. 2) And what happens if a hacker gains control of the motorised sleeve that goes over the penis?

Meanwhile, the company says nothing about creating a convincing CunninlingusCast for females.


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