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Let’s talk about stay-at-home dads

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase, stay-at-home dad?

Chances are that most of us have a negative perception of stay-at-home dads. 

Times have changed though, and we ought to change our attitudes too. 

Historically, caring for kids has been seen as a woman’s job, today more dads are staying at home doing the very same things women have been for the longest time.

There has been a shift in domestic roles between men and women but is this a good thing?  How many dads are actually staying at home taking care of their little ones?  Are you a stay-at-home dad? Do you have a problem with stay-at-home dads?

Stay-at-home dads should not be exclusively defined as those who don’t work at all outside of the home. This is because many fathers work part-time or even nights while also providing regular child care.

So, what can make someone decide to be a stay-at-home dad? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Personal choice- a dad can desire to care for his family and choose to stay at home as what’s best for his family.
  • Terminal illness or disability
  • The wife is the primary breadwinner
  • Job loss
  • A same-sex relationship where one parent chooses to stay home

Although it’s becoming much more common for fathers to stay at home with their children, there are still challenges that exist around this arrangement. Stigma and stereotypes are some of the most common challenges stay-at-home dads face. 

Most people tend to question a man’s masculinity and work ethic if he chooses to be a stay-at-home dad. Let’s not forget the recent landmark ruling that concluded that domestic work is a full-time job!

Avoid asking stay-at-home dads questions such as:​ where is the mum? Aren’t you bored staying with kids all day long? Shouldn’t you be working? There is actually nothing wrong when the dad stays at home while mum goes out to work.

Stay at home dads are not weak or lazy men. It is empowering when men take such roles and have a daily input of how they are raising their children. Being a stay-at-home dad provides a rare opportunity for dads to bond with their children and increase male involvement in bringing up children.

Not only is this beneficial for society as a whole, but positive for individual family dynamics.

What are your thoughts on stay-at-home dads?

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