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Why your teenager is always angry

In some moments of our lives, we have experienced fear or anxiety which is generally known as Angst.

COVID-19 has tested us in so many ways. Heavens knows most of us almost gave up!

We have experienced angst countless times during this pandemic. 

Angst can occur in form of – worry, uneasiness, distress, fear, anxiety that is as a result of a human condition or the state of the world.

Teenagehood also comes with a shared bit of angst, commonly referred to as teen angst.

What is teen angst?

This is when one feels overwhelmed, anxious, rejected, or even unwanted.

Although teen angst is different for every teen, a general behavior is that of normal insecurity and stress related to growth and development (biological changes). These teens may become rebellious, play very loud music, isolate themselves, feel insecure, and walk in a slouch.

Some of the changes during puberty are obvious because they can be seen or heard like changes in physical size and voice, although internal changes like in brain and emotions cause an intense feeling of creativity and motivation but with frustration and overwhelm.

What is normal teen angst?

  • Feeling short-tempered
  • Emotional swings
  • Taking risks
  • Feeling self-conscious, especially with regards to relationships
  • Spending more time with their friends
  • Physical pains
  • Playing loud music
  • Rudeness
  • Oversleeping

Teen angst to be concerned about

  • Persistently complains of anxiety or nervousness
  • Having fears of the unknown
  • Experiencing persistent trouble sleeping
  • Drug abuse like the use of cannabis (bhang), and drinking alcohol.
  • Media addiction (movies and social media)
  • Intense fear of failure
  • Avoidance of people or activities that were once enjoyable
  • Overreaction to stressors, including angry or aggressive outbursts

Coping mechanisms for teen angst

Journaling- Expressing feelings and emotions in writing in a more private and personalized space.

Give them compliments – Teens experiencing angst often feel so lowly about themselves, therefore reminding them they matter is crucial to help them cope with feelings of insecurity.

Give teen space – Well, many parents may find it difficult to provide space for their struggling teens. It is important to provide a safe opportunity for the teen to problem solve on their own boosting their morale.

Encourage healthy sleeping patterns – Often, teens with angst, face persistent sleeping problems, therefore motivating one to adopt healthy sleeping routines (using guided meditation, reading a book, or taking tea) will support the teen for a long time.

Make time for teens – Allow them to freely express their frustration, fears, and emotions with you as a parent or guardian.

Teen angst can be confusing, frustrating, and anxiety-provoking. Teen behavior might seem strange to you although, despite all this, it’s crucial to remember some degree of discomfort is necessary for enduring this intense time of growth.

If you are a teen, have you experienced teen angst? If you are a parent, has your teen experienced teen angst?

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