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How many ‘holes’ does a woman have down there?

Want to know about the hole story? Well, here it goes…

People with vulvas (the outer part of female genitals) have three holes down there. And when I’m talking about down there, I mean your genitals.

The urethra, the opening to the vagina, and the anus. Each one has a different job and it’s easy to tell them apart because they’re in different places, and they’re different sizes.

Both men and women have an anus and the urethra. The urethra is in a different place depending on your genitals, but we all pee and poop from respective openings where the urethra is the hole where pee comes out of. It’s right about the vagina and below the clitoris and it’s small so you can barely see it unless you’re very keen.

Right below the urethra is the opening to the vagina. The vagina does lots of things. It’s where menstrual blood flows out when you’re on your period and where babies come out during childbirth.

Many people put menstrual products into their vagina during their period, like tampons or cups, to collect the blood. For sexual pleasure, some people put fingers, penises, or sex toys into their vaginas.

The last hole is the anus. It’s where you poop and fart. Some people put fingers, penises, or sex toys into their anus for sexual pleasure too. Just make sure that any toys you put in your anus have a flared base, and always be sure to wash toys after each use no matter what hole you use them in: where’s there’s poop therein lies bacteria.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is whole hole story.

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  1. So if I’ve understood you correctly so ladies got 3 holes apart from anus?

    1. No. They have three in total, including the anus.

  2. Am very happy because have learnt something, I like going commando but I never knew the reason, I am happy since I now know why. Thanks.

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