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What do you know about the G-spot?

Forget trying to find the G-spot…what IS the G-spot in the first place?

Let’s start with some science.

The Gräfenberg spot (more commonly known as the G-spot) is a possible area of increased erotic sensitivity on or deep within the front wall of the vagina.

The G-spot has been controversially discussed since the 1940s – does it exist? Where is it? What does it look like? Testimonials exist in terms of its location and how it provides a different sexual experience. The G-spot accounts for female ejaculation (from the urethra) in some women and must not be confused with larger amounts of expelled fluid called “squirting or gushing”. This is a different phenomenon.

Where is it? 

The G-spot is located at the anterior (near the front) wall of the vagina; about 1 to 2 inches (3-5cm) from the vaginal entrance. Therefore, as a woman, lying on your back, the G-spot can be found near the 12 o’clock position. The G-spot when stimulated is sensitive, so go easy when you find it. Continued stimulation is sexually arousing and can trigger an orgasm that is different from an orgasm caused by stimulation of the clitoris.

What if I can’t find it?

Not to worry. It is never too late to discover parts of your body. For this exercise take some time out, find a private and comfortable location and try and find it. I encourage my clients to be open to explore their own bodies – for example; exploring your body in front of a mirror to see what your vagina actually looks like, seeing your own facial expressions, knowing what kind of pressure feels good or comfortable and also being able to see what your body looks and feels like.  Not only is this empowering, it sets your mind at ease when your partner is exploring and seeing your body, as you already know what they’re going to find!

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What exactly am I looking for? What does the G-spot feel like?

The G-spot feels like the roof of your mouth – slightly ridged with smooth bits in between.

What’s the best way to give your partner pleasure using their G-spot?

There are some sexual positions that women have found it easier to experience G-spot stimulation while engaging in sex with someone who has a penis; for example, missionary position, or being on top. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. Alternatively, your partner may insert a finger or two into your vagina.

This is also a great form of foreplay. You may feel like you need to urinate during this experience. This is because the bladder is very close to where the G-spot is located. Empty your bladder before sex so that you can be relaxed during this period of exploration.

You can also place a towel on the bed so that your mind will not be focusing on wetting the bed or having to change the sheets. It is very important that you are present and in the moment – so try and not focus on the washing, your shopping list, your to-do list, work or anything else that needs to be done; you can get to all that! later.

By the way… 

The important thing to know here is that not all women actually report knowing where their G spot is. If you are not able to find your G-spot or experience an orgasm via the G-spot, this is not a sexual dysfunction. Did you know that there are doctors who inject ‘G-shots’ (Collagen) into the G-spot, as this allows for easier stimulation and access? Now you know! But please remember that you can still enjoy a fulfilling sexual experience without G-spot stimulation; so be safe and enjoy!


Do you know where your G-spot is?

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  1. What makes a lady to get …
    What makes a lady to get dry during sex is it a problem or its normal and is it abnormal for a lady not to ejaculate during sex

    1. Foreplay wasn’t done good…
      Foreplay wasn’t done good enough for you or you just don’t love your partner; you concentrate/fantasize with someone else during s€X

      1. Hi Peter, 

        Thank you for…

        Hi Peter, 

        Thank you for your input. We encourage open communication for a great sex life. Your partner should be open about what turns her on or off. It is also important to be open to receiving feedback from a partner since this helps both parties improve their sex life. Fantasizing about someone else during sex with your partner is not advisable, you may find that with time, you will need to fantasize to enjoy sex with your partner. Open communication is key. Read this article to understand the importance of open communication in a relationship: Open communication leads to better relationships

    2. Am sorry about that. And…
      Am sorry about that. And what makes someone to dry up is mostly when you are not in love with that person, and you probably thinking of another person either your ex. And again when your mind is not settled, when you are thinking about something else, not just a human being, but just stuffs.
      Talking from experience, and when i started loving my guy, and i accepted him and we never experienced that.

      1. Hi Leah,

        I agree. Stress…

        Hi Leah,

        I agree. Stress can affect your ability to get aroused: This applies to both men and women. For some people, it is very important for them to love or be attracted to their partner for them to have enjoy intimacy. Thank you for your input. 

  2. Hello Julie, thank you for…

    Hello Julie, thank you for reaching out to us and asking a great question! Around 17% of women aged 18-50 experience problems with vaginal dryness during sex, even before the menopause takes place. Many women may experience vaginal dryness during sex because they are not sexually aroused – this is often caused by insufficient foreplay or psychological reasons such as stress. Other reasons for vaginal dryness before the menopause can be linked to hygiene products such as feminine sprays and harsh soaps, swimming pool, and hot tub chemicals and some washing powders. Certain drug treatments such as allergy and cold medications and some antidepressants can also dry out mucous membranes, including vaginal tissues.

    There are a number of simple ways in which to lubricate a dry vagina:

    Lubricants– these are similar to natural lubrication and should be applied to the area around the lips (vulva) and vagina just before intercourse takes place

    Vaginal moisturizers – these are used two to three times a week and last for up to two days, therefore they do not have to be applied directly before intercourse takes place

  3. When am on top of him I…
    When am on top of him I somehow feel his penis is hitting a wall in my V and there is a sharp pain ,what could be the problem

  4. Hi Emmy, thank you for…

    Hi Emmy, thank you for getting in touch and asking a great question. We are so sorry you are going through a hard time. This problem could arise for a variety of reasons from injury to the vagina, signs of infection, or even the position you are in and his size. Does this happen when you are only in that position? If so, it may only mean taking things slow and experimenting with different styles. If you are experiencing this in other positions too, then you may need to visit your gynecologist for a proper check-up. 

    Click here to find out more on different positions you can try: 


    and let us know what you think!

    If it is otherwise and think it may be a medical issue, we strongly advise you to see a medical professional for a comprehensive diagnosis. 
    Here is a list of health institutions that should be of help

  5. Woooi help me i have never…
    Woooi help me i have never reached orgasm..am i normal what can i do?

    1. Hello Anonymous, thank you…

      Hello Anonymous, thank you for reaching out to us and sharing. There are many ways for women to orgasm. Intercourse is just one way to get there. And you know what, most women don’t even climax during intercourse. They could need some work on the clitoris, oral intercourse is said to be really effective and fingering can work too. 

      Some women can also have orgasms when they are stimulated enough around the G-spot, a very sensitive area on the front wall inside the vagina. Basically, there’s no golden rule. Find out what works for you and explore these pleasure areas with your partner.

  6. I like sucking my girlfriend…
    I like sucking my girlfriend and even inserting my tongue inside the vagina ..she feels comfortable before fucking her.my quetion is does this have any effects on my health apart from STIs

    1. Hi King Yusuf, 

      Apart from…

      Hi King Yusuf, 

      Apart from STI’s oral sex has no effects on your health. As long as you and your girlfriend have bee tested for STIs you should be good. If you have not been tested, it is advisable to use dental dams. Here are more key facts about oral sex: Top 5 facts about oral sex

  7. Hey….when making love with…
    Hey….when making love with my hubby,the first one is good to me ,but the next one I feel sooo painful such that I don’t feel comfortable and satisfied

    1. Hi Alicute, 

      So sorry for…

      Hi Alicute, 

      So sorry for your experience. Sex should not hurt, it should be a pleasurable experience for both of you. It is possible that this could be a case of inadequate lubrication during the arousal, meaning that you and your partner may not be investing in foreplay sufficiently. It is important that both you and your husband take it slow and take time to arouse each other, especially you. Read this article to learn more about foreplay: Tips for great foreplay. It would also be important to see a doctor since you have said the pain it too much. The doctor will recommend the best treatment. 

  8. Please i have a burning…
    Please i have a burning question,
    what might be the problem coz at a time after having sex i realize that the vagina is producing something reddish like blood. Yet not on mentruation circle

    1. Hi Macham, 

      I am so sorry…

      Hi Macham, 

      I am so sorry to hear about what you go through. The reddish discharge can be caused by many factors including friction during sex, insufficient foreplay, genital sores, STIs, etc. It is important to make an appointment with your doctor so that he/she can determine the exact cause. 

  9. Hi my dick always get stuck…
    Hi my dick always get stuck inside her after ejaculation I don’t know y and she loves it soo

    1. Hi there, 

      Is this an…

      Hi there, 

      Is this an intentional act? Do you do it yourself or is this something you can’t control? It is great that your girlfriend loves it, but do you love it too? 

  10. i erect during foreplay so…
    i erect during foreplay so first

    1. Hi Ronny, 

      It could be that…

      Hi Ronny, 

      It could be that your partner is great at stimulating you. He/she knows how to touch and play with the right parts of your body. Are you able to maintain an erection for long?

  11. Should I think that G spot…
    Should I think that G spot is the one to that makes alady to shake thighs after sex

    1. Hi Msbanny, 

      Yes, women can…

      Hi Msbanny, 

      Yes, women can experience orgasms via the G-Spot and in some cases make her legs shake. A woman can also experience this through clitoral orgasms. Want to learn more about the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms? Here is an article: Vaginal and clitoral orgasms: what’s the difference? 

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