Oral sex, top five facts
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Oral sex: top five facts

By Steph Haase October 11, 08:35 am
More than 70 per cent of men and women prefer oral sex to plain old intercourse, studies show. Especially women. Not surprisingly – up to 80 per cent can have an orgasm with oral sex, while only around 25 per cent have a Big O with intercourse.


Getting started 

If you’ve never done it, you’re not the only one. Half of all 17-year-olds have no experience with oral sex. Some people only do this if they are in a very close relationship with the person, and others simply don’t like it. Are you curious? Have a shower together first, so you feel nice and clean. And you can start making love under the shower! But remember: if you don’t like the idea of giving oral sex, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!

Oral sex on her

Oral sex on a woman is when you stimulate her clitoris and vagina with your tongue and lips. It’s commonly known as giving head, but the formal name for it is cunnilingus. There are lots of ways to give oral sex. It’s different for every woman and from time to time. You can lick around or over the clitoris, the labia or inside the vagina. You can lick faster or slower, harder or more gently. You can also use your tongue and hands at the same time.

Ask your girlfriend what she likes. Get to know her so you can really give her pleasure. You can also just try something and pay attention to her body language. Is she getting moister and moaning? Then you must be getting it right!

Oral sex on him

Oral sex on a man means stimulating the penis with your mouth. The formal name for it is fellatio – though it’s better known as giving a blow-job or again, giving head. While doing it, you can hold his penis in one hand. Then you can guide the movement and determine how deeply you take the penis in your mouth. Use plenty of spit, it’s a natural lubricant.

You can move your mouth over the penis faster or slower, with long or short strokes, harder or more gently, only over the head of the penis, or also down over the shaft. A lot of men like to cum in a woman's mouth, but if you don’t want it, you can also think of something else, like having him come on your breasts or belly.

By the way, if a man drinks a lot of coffee and alcohol and he smokes, it makes his sperm taste bitter and sour. Sweet fruit and vegetables make the sperm sweeter.

Oral sex and contraception

You can’t get pregnant from having oral sex. (No way - not even when you swallow the sperm!) So some couples prefer it to intercourse because they don't have to worry about pregnancy.

But be careful: it is possible for sperm from other parts of the body to get rubbed inside the vagina, and that can also get you pregnant. Also, there is a risk of getting an STD from having oral sex, so using a condom or a so-called dental dam (a square of latex, or a piece cut from a condom, or a latex glove, or even plastic wrap) on women should be considered.

Can it cause cancer?

During oral sex you can pass on the human papillomavirus (HPV), which also causes genital warts. This has been linked to some head and neck cancers. It drew a lot of attention in the media recently and gave oral sex a bad reputation.

But getting cancer from oral sex shouldn’t be a worry for most healthy, monogamous couples, experts say. At least, as long as they have a healthy immune system. In fact, for sexually active people, leading a healthy lifestyle to keep your immune system in good shape is probably the best way of keeping HPV-related cancers at bay.


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Did you learn something new?

so if a guy drinks coffee every morning then his sperm will be bitter...or is it only to coffee drinkers who drink more than 3 cups a day?
Hi Kevin, the scientists say 'too much' coffee. But, how much is too much? You should be alright with a cup a day, but why don't you try it? Swap the coffee for tea for a few days, and, if your lady swallows, ask her if she can taste a difference? And if you want to do her a favor, eat oranges, pineapple and mango- they make your sperm sweeter!
Hae, just incase I perform oral sex strictly as part of foreplay, thn on reaching orgasm, I decide to turn and face my lady, ready to corpulate into her vagina, is this likely to turn her off please?
Oral sex can easily make partners have faster desire to intercourse. Are there some food or drinks someone can take to make him strong while in the intercourse?
Hi Hills, there are plenty of foods that are so-called aphrodisiacs, or at least so some people claim. Whether they make you stronger at intercourse- why don't you try and tell us how it works for you? Some of these foods include bananas, avocados, chocolate, almonds, figs, garlic, oysters and asparagus. Happy eating!
Oral sex can easily make partners have faster desire to intercourse. Are there some food or drinks someone can take to make him strong while in the intercourse?
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