Masturbation saves lives

‘Masturbation can save lives’

Masturbation is a great way to have safe sex and a cheap way to save lives. But countries who stand to gain the most from promoting it are often the ones where masturbation is the biggest taboo.

Health experts see masturbation as an important way for people to enjoy sexual pleasure without getting pregnant or catching sexually transmitted diseases. After all, even if you masturbate with a partner, you’re less likely to exchange bodily fluids.


‘An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away,’ is how the UK’s National Health Service has previously put it. The service hopes that by promoting self-pleasure, teenagers will feel encouraged to enjoy their sexuality without having to lose their virginity. And if young people do choose to have sex, they’ll be more certain that sex will be enjoyable.

So why aren’t more countries following in the UK’s footsteps? Social taboos mean people don’t get to hear about masturbation’s life-saving qualities, according to James Shelton, the author of Masturbation: Breaking the Silence.

Take Uganda, for example. The government censors any mention of masturbation on the radio or in print. Yet masturbation – solo or with a partner – may be the vital missing link to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Already 1.2 million people are infected with the disease in Uganda. And every year an additional 100,000 people are newly infected.

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Pleasure and intimacy

The government’s current campaigns to prevent HIV infection promote abstinence and using condoms. But married couples and people in other long-term relationships don’t see doing without sex or even using condoms as an option. And this is the group with the most new HIV infections.

Mutual masturbation could be the answer – it offers a great way for couples to share pleasure and intimacy without getting a deadly disease.

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    1. Hi David,
      why is that?

      Hi David,
      why is that?

      1. It may results to erectile…
        It may results to erectile dysfunction in men and don’t think it is a good idea

        1. Hello David, thank you for…

          Hello David, thank you for your input. There is no scientific or medical evidence that masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction.

    1. Hi Antony,

      Hi Antony,
      why do you think masturbation is a bad habit?

  1. tats not good coz
    tats not good coz masturbation can leads singles in country.

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      we are not quite sure what you mean… Did you mean if people masturbate, they will no longer be interested in having relationships, so they remain single? If that’s it, we disagree. Masturbation is great, and a wonderful way to get rid of sexual tension, but it will never be as good as ‘the real deal’- sex!

      1. That’s a bad habit with time…
        That’s a bad habit with time one gets addicted and looses interest with another person

        1. Hello lloco, do you have any…

          Hello lloco, do you have any scientific evidence to back these claims?

  2. we know more about mst

    we know more about mst

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Hi Stephen,
      you’ll find more information on masturbation in the resource section. Check out ‘making love’. And keep checking the news- we often talk about masturbation!

  3. Do you think masturbation can
    Do you think masturbation can reduce a man’s feelings towards women?

    1. Hi Jack,

      Hi Jack,
      we don’t think so. Masturbation won’t change your feeling towards women. Masturbation is a natural part of people’s sex live. And it’s even healthy! So please don’t believe in this or any of the other myths around masturbation.

  4. Wat are the aftermath of
    Wat are the aftermath of masterbation healthwise?

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Hi Stephen,
      the aftermaths of masturbation health-wise are feeling more relaxed and less stressed, getting rid of sexual tension, getting to know your body and not having to worry about pregnancy and STDs. They can also reduce wet dreams (if you have them), help you concentrate and make you feel happier.

  5. We use 2 do it with ma x nd
    We use 2 do it with ma x nd we neva had sex 4 around ayear.

    1. Hi Edwin,

      Hi Edwin,
      sorry to hear about that. Masturbation shouldn’t substitute intercourse in a relationship. But masturbating each other or together while in a relationship can be fun and a real turn-on.

  6. i dont personally recommend
    i dont personally recommend it because it’s harram in Islam. Also scientifically i got a side effect and can lead to stroke. Why cant you get married. And make use of your product wisely.

    1. Hi Adan,

      Hi Adan,
      whether or not you masturbate is a personally decision. But we can assure you that masturbation cannot lead to a stroke. Neither can it make you blind, infertile or skinny. The only side-effects are happiness, relaxation and (sexual) stress reduction.
      And as for using your product wisely, it’s not like there is only a limited amount of sperm a man has. So it’s not like masturbating will reduce the amount of possible ‘shots’ a man has. Or the number of eggs a woman has.

      1. Where do these superstitions
        Where do these superstitions come from about masturbation??? I can’t help but laugh…LOL

        1. Hi FK,

          Hi FK,
          there are so many myths about masturbation, and so many wrong ideas. We are trying to get rid of them all. Masturbation isn’t bad at all!

        2. Hi FK,

          Hi FK,
          there are so many myths about masturbation, and so many wrong ideas. We are trying to get rid of them all. Masturbation isn’t bad at all!

  7. Lol funny that many comments
    Lol funny that many comments here blame masturbation for so many things that it cannot be possibly linked to. No comment on hairypalmititis yet?! Masturbation, in my opinion, is one of the safest ways to enjoy sex and learn more about yourself. Wish people would just be real and own up to the fact that masturbating happens and it will be around for a very long time. Let us spare all the sheep, chickens, donkeys, etc.

    1. Hi Pete,

      Hi Pete,
      thank you! We fully agree!

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      thanks for your comment. What do you find irresponsible?

  8. I was introduced to it when I
    I was introduced to it when I was in highschool .I have a girl but I’m addicted to it I don’t know how to stop it. I do it everynight.I’m woried about this addiction.

    1. Hi Joram,

      Hi Joram,
      I am not sure you really are addicted. Masturbating every night doesn’t mean you are addicted. It’s great to relax you before you fall asleep, so maybe you just need some relaxation.
      Being addicted to masturbation means that it interfered with your daily life.
      And you don’t need to stop- you can just try to cut down a little. Try to masturbate only five times a week for a month, and then try to only do it every other day for a while. Don’t get frustrated, sometimes you can take a while to change routines.
      Good luck!

  9. Heheheheeee this topic is so
    Heheheheeee this topic is so interested. But this story with musterbation thing is making pple not to value their lovers.

    1. Hi Nelson,

      Hi Nelson,
      we don’t quite disagree- masturbation is great, but sex with your partner is much more exciting than masturbation.

  10. 2 me masterbtion is the saf
    2 me masterbtion is the saf’st way to control dick and head.

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      yep, masturbation can help you control your sexual needs and stay clear in the head.
      Great, isn’t it?

  11. i thougt it leads to P.E
    i thougt it leads to P.E(premature ejaculation)

    1. Hi Paul,

      Hi Paul,
      actually, men who do have problems with ejaculating prematurely can practice to delay ejaculation through masturbating. So in fact, masturbating can help them control the premature ejaculations.

  12. am really addicted to it, I
    am really addicted to it, I normally do it 3-4 times a day on daily basis! what’s funny is that I can’t get it on when am with a woman. I think it has really affected me, I nolonger admire being with a woman n now my girlfriend has left me because I neva get an erection wen she comes to visit me, I av tried to stop ba nmeshindwa plz advice me wat to do!

    1. Hi Tom,

      Hi Tom,
      studies show that about 20% of people between 15 and 35 masturbate 3 times a day, so this is not really abnormal.
      Here is how you can cut down on masturbation though, seeing that it does seem to have an effect on your relationships.
      First, you need to stop feeling bad about it. If your punishing yourself all the time, you won’t stop thinking about it. Masturbation doesn’t make you a bad person. Acknowledging that you made a mistake and want to get over it is already a very brave first step!
      Secondly, you needs to change your habits. If you always watched porn online and masturbated to it, you should stop accessing the internet in his free time for a while. Or go online while someone else is around. Throw away porn magazines.
      Then, find activities other than masturbation when bored, or while lying in bed. Think about sports, a new hobby or reading.
      It’s normal that it will be a long process, and that sometimes, you will feel the urge to masturbate and give in. That’s fine. It happens, but don’t lose track of the end goal.
      And lastly, it might be a good idea to get professional help. Talking to a trusted healthcare provider, addiction expert or mental health expert about it is a really good idea.

  13. I were very happy, that i
    I were very happy, that i here all my problem solution from u most expecially abuot mesturbate, thank u all

    1. Dear Khaleed, We are glad we
      Dear Khaleed, We are glad we were able to help!

  14. this can cause prostate
    this can cause prostate cancer for men at a later/older age in life

    1. Hi Davis,

      Hi Davis,
      why do you think this is? We couldn’t find any scientific evidence for this, but of course, if you can provide us with some, we will look into it. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  15. hahaaaaaa… its funny coz i
    hahaaaaaa… its funny coz i thought i woz doin something wrong to my self by mesturbatein thanx for the topic

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Hi Jimmy,
      keep on masturbating. As you see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

  16. I gues it causes testicles 2
    I gues it causes testicles 2 ache


  18. I hope highly addicted to it
    I hope highly addicted to it can cause body reduce

    1. Hi there Duncan,

      Hi there Duncan,
      even if someone masturbates several times a day, it won’t make his or her body reduce.

  19. Have been masturbating for
    Have been masturbating for the past 10 yrs nd ma girlfriend knws it…Have no difficulty when it comes to lovemaking with her….bt i want to stop it.Ma priest explained tht tz a sin.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Hi Anthony,
      physically, masturbation is not a problem. Religiously, it’s up to you to decide. And if you think it’s a sin, please go ahead and stop doing it. Good luck!

  20. I have also marstubeted for
    I have also marstubeted for long and this has led to regular erections especially when i see ladies with minskirts and tight clothes and ifeel like having sex with them,lastly can marsturbation cause any effect to me

    1. Hi Enos,

      Hi Enos,
      what you are describing is pretty normal for young men, and might not have anything to do with the masturbation.

  21. Am xure if all genders
    Am xure if all genders musterbate en avoid any kind of penetrating ..every man will ever fuck a virgin ..if itx health.. Y don’t u enjoy uncoxtly oursex

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      well, sometimes having sex isn’t an option, but you still feel the need to get sexual satisfaction. So, you can masturbate. And let’s face it, masturbation feels great, but sex is even better. So even if every person was to masturbate (and many, many do), there would still be sex.

  22. i like this now i can
    i like this now i can continue thanks for the answers,bt will it not led to lack of interest fromboth sex

    1. Hi David,

      Hi David,
      no, it won;t affect interests. Because, as nice as masturbation is, it will never be as great as connecting to your partner in bed.

  23. Is it ok to masturbate
    Is it ok to masturbate everyday?

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      yes, that’s fine. Many people question if masturbating every day means they are addicted. But we only talk about addiction when the ‘vice’ gets in the way of a normal everyday life. So, for example, if you stopped going to school or work because of masturbating, then there is a problem. But once a day is totally fine!

  24. I hav been masturbatin 9 year
    I hav been masturbatin 9 year nw! it makes the testicles aching

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Hi Kenny,
      masturbation itself shouldn’t affect the testicles. Maybe you are being not gentle enough with them?

  25. Does masturbation lowers man
    Does masturbation lowers man’s libido?.does it encourage premature ejaculation?…does it boost or reduces man’s erection power?..

    1. No, it doesn’t lower libido,
      No, it doesn’t lower libido, but it does cause sexual satisfaction. No, it doesn’t cause premature ejaculation. And it doesn’t affect a man’s erection power.

  26. I would wish to salute you
    I would wish to salute you guys for good work that you are doing of enlighting people.

    1. We are glad to hear that!
      We are glad to hear that!

  27. i only musterbate when i
    i only musterbate when i watch pornos does this have negative effects? and if there are what are they?

    1. Shiks,

      masturbation is a normal part of a healthy sex life, and it doesn’t matter if you do it watching porn or while taking a shower.

  28. Hi luv mattrs l
    Hi luv mattrs l alwys fil groin pain evry month,bt whnvr l vist health centre,l come out wid no benfitiaries,bt whn l inqure frm friends they talk of too much accmltion of sperms,is it true and by mstbting cn rily help?

    1. Kevo,

      what have the people at the health center been telling you?
      Generally, sperm won’t accumulate. It’s a myth that you can have too much sperm. If there is excess, you will have a wet dream, or it might get passed through your urethra.
      However, we are sorry, but we can’t give medical advice online. Maybe you can try another doctor?

  29. Do you agree that it can lead
    Do you agree that it can lead to erection difficuties.

  30. I Really Enjoy It By Doing It
    I Really Enjoy It By Doing It Maself

  31. Is it true that the more you
    Is it true that the more you musterbate the sperm reduces and your children will not be healthy?

  32. yu help me alot

    yu help me alot
    cn it lead to penis cancer?

  33. Get it from me gentlemen, one
    Get it from me gentlemen, one of the negative effects of frequent masturbation is failure to perform normally during sex with your partner including poor erection, taking longer to ejaculate due to poor sensation. It also interfears with your social life. This can really discourage you and lead to even poorer sexual performance or even broken relationship. So keep off masturbation, find a new hobby, find something good to keep you busy, talk to people, live a good life. Praise God!

  34. Dont expect any one to tell u
    Dont expect any one to tell u how bad masturbation is,not even a qualified doctor,but u have 2 know its phisically,emotionally and spiritully bad.keep away 4rm it and have a happy marriage

    1. Thanks for sharing your
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  35. most of the articles about
    most of the articles about this act are misleading I don’t know what the writer is thinking.

    1. Thanks for the input Yas.
      Thanks for the input Yas.

  36. wat brings about da back pain
    wat brings about da back pain afta doing it ??????(?

    1. One does not have back pain
      One does not have back pain de to masturbation. You need to have that checked out by a doctor.

  37. I really enjoy it because my…
    I really enjoy it because my girl may not be available so i just pleasure myself to the fullest

  38. Have you considered the…
    Have you considered the demerits of masturbation on sex life of a person bfre coming with this.masterbation affects the part of the brain that control sexual response hence can lead to erectyle disfunction in men.

    1. Hello Giovanni, thank you…

      Hello Giovanni, thank you for reaching out to us and your contribution. Although you are right in saying that masturbation affects the part of the brain that controls sexual response, masturbation cannot cause erectile dysfunction in men. Some people believe that masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction, but this is a myth. Masturbation is a common and beneficial activity. Many underlying health problems, including heart disease, urinary tract symptoms, alcohol use, depression, and anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction. Research does not suggest that masturbation could cause ED.



  39. what does the Bible speaks…
    what does the Bible speaks of masterbation?

    1. Hi King Dan, thank you for…

      Hi King Dan, thank you for reaching out to us and asking a wonderful question. The Bible does not say anything specifically about masturbation. However, there is one Bible passage that has sometimes been interpreted as a condemnation of masturbation:

      Then Judah said to Onan, “Lie with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother.” But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the LORD’s sight; so he put him to death also. (NIV, Genesis 38:8-10)

      What Onan did was not masturbation, but a form of birth control known as coitus interruptus. Onan’s actual sin was probably his resistance to the Old Testament custom of providing offspring for his deceased brother by impregnating his widow. However a parallel is sometimes drawn between Onan’s act and the wasting of the semen that occurs when males masturbate.

      Church teachings about masturbation vary though. The Roman Catholic Church and some other churches still consider masturbation to be a sin. However, many other churches have accepted it as normal for young unmarried people of both sexes and an acceptable alternative to the very real dangers and evils of promiscuous sexual intercourse. Even some Roman Catholic theologians say that the potential sin of masturbation is not the act itself, but that habitual, compulsive masturbation in adulthood may be used as an escape from normal heterosexual and interpersonal growth.

  40. Hi Jack, thank you so much…

    Hi Jack, thank you so much for your open and honest feedback on the subject and we are glad to hear that you are able to enjoy yourself! Cheers!

    1. Hello lloco thank you for…

      Hello lloco thank you for your input. The thing about morality is that it is subjective. What you feel is immoral may be perfectly fine to someone else.

  41. I have been an addict of…
    I have been an addict of masturbation. I can tell for a fact it is not a good think. I had a partner, we could have sex at night, and I masturbate in the morning. If that’s not unhealthy, I don’t know what is.

    1. Hi Dave, thank you for…

      Hi Dave, thank you for reaching out to us. We understand that you feel it is unhealthy because you are seeing it as separate or shameful. Try to think of it as a part of your sex life. Ask yourself why you feel the need to masturbate after sex with your partner? Have you considered asking them how they would feel if it was part of your love-making?

  42. When having sex I loose an…
    When having sex I loose an erection what could be the problem?

    1. Hi John, 

      After how long do…

      Hi John, 

      After how long do you lose the erection? It is possible that you could be having erectile problems but to be certain, visit your doctor for tests. The doctor will also be able to prescribe the best treatment. In the meantime, read this article to get more insights: I want my erection to stay harder for longer!

  43. Masturbation is an evil…
    Masturbation is an evil thing,kindly it’s not good to encourage it.

    1. Hello Sammy, thank you for…

      Hello Sammy, thank you for your input. Morals are really subjective and what you may have been taught is evil may be perfectly acceptable somewhere else. On this site, we strive to give unbiased and medically accurate information.

  44. Its side effects is loosing…
    Its side effects is loosing interest in ladies and you find out your penis is not strong and you can’t satisfy a woman,how how can someone be helped to regain penis strength after addiction of masturbation

    1. Hello David, thank you for…

      Hello David, thank you for your input. There is no medical or scientific evidence that this is true. These are myths you are told to discourage you from masturbating.

  45. One may not dream of getting…
    One may not dream of getting marriage ,with masturbation no responsibilities to play as when it comes to marriage_.

    1. Hi Josire, 

      Do you mean…

      Hi Josire, 

      Do you mean that some people may prefer to masturbate than to get married? According to you, what is the relationship between responsibilities in marriage and masturbation? 

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